Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The PNV would win the 28-A in Euskadi while Podemos would collapse

El PNV ganaría el 28-A en Euskadi mientras Podemos se desplomaría

The trend remains. The Sociometer of the Basque Government once again gives the PNV the victory in Euskadi next 28-A, a triumph that would also give it a seat more than it has now, going from five to six. The survey predicts the collapse of Unidos Podemos, the first force in the territory, the last generals, which would go from six to three seats.

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The jeltzale party would be the clear winner in the polls according to the poll. The peneuvista formation would be the main beneficiary of the bleeding of the purple force with respect to June 2016, although not the only one. The PSE would rise from three to four representatives while EH Bildu would do the same and increase their seats in Congress from two to three.


The party of Pablo Iglesias would go from the six deputies achieved in 2016 to three

On the other hand, the PP would not suffer too much the atomization of the vote on the right and maintain the figures of the previous elections, which achieved two deputies. The speech of Citizens and Vox, on the other hand, would have no roots and both formations would be left without representation. In Álava, territory where they concentrate their main hopes to get a seat, both would be far from it, with 5.3% and 3.3% of support percentage, respectively. In that province, EH Bildu would not achieve any charge with 11.3% of the census.

By territories, the PNV would win in all three although with differences. In Bizkaia, it would get three deputies, followed by PSE (2), Unidas Podemos (1), EH Bildu (1) and PP (1). In Gipuzkoa, the jeltzales, with a higher percentage of votes, would tie two seats with the nationalist left, while PSE and Podemos would have one seat each. In Álava there would be a fourfold tie to a representative between, in order of support, PNV, PSE, Podemos and PP.

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The PSE would be the second force with four seats, one more than three years ago

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