The PNV will not present an amendment to the entire budget and paves the way for the Government pending the decision of ERC

The PNV will not present an amendment to the entirety of the General State Budgets, as confirmed this Friday at a press conference by the spokesman for the Basque nationalist formation, Aitor Esteban. The decision of the jeltzale party, a regular partner of the Executive, gives air to the Government on the day on which the deadline to present the amendments to the entirety that has been registered by forces such as the PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, the CUP or Canary Coalition, and which will be debated in the plenary session next week.

ERC demands skills, industrial investment and fruits at the dialogue table to support Budgets

ERC demands skills, industrial investment and fruits at the dialogue table to support Budgets

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"We have reached a political agreement on the full assumption of the Minimum Vital Income, which later the institutions will be in charge of specifying. It is something that restores confidence and allows us to advance in the negotiation of the Budget", said Esteban, who has assured to have "certain optimism" to approve the Accounts, although no agreement has yet been concluded.

The unknown remains in what ERC will do, the other regular partner of the Government, which at this time is holding its Executive meeting and plans to announce if it presents an amendment to the entirety in the next few minutes.

Economic policies were one of the main demands of the Basque nationalists in the negotiation of the new accounts. But in addition, the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, has been ensuring for weeks that talking about Budgets "is very important to strengthen confidence and to generate more in the future." In this way, the PNV wanted to verify, he said, that "some things that were pending execution, not strictly budgetary, are already on track definitively."

The PNV leader was referring to commitments made both to support Sánchez's inauguration in 2020 and to approve the 2021 Budgets. "It is not blackmail. If commitments that you have assumed are not fulfilled, with what security are we going to Are we going to negotiate things for the future? "Ortuzar wondered a few weeks ago.

The two main pillars, in addition to the energy issue, are the transfer to Euskadi of the full transfer of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV), an objective finally achieved in the negotiation, and the promotion of the works so that the high-speed train reach the three Basque provinces. The first issue has harshly confronted in recent months the PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban, with the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, who until now was reluctant to set a schedule for such a transfer.


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