November 26, 2020

The PNV warns Sánchez that he will have "far" if he raises "Aznar policies"

The president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, has warned on Wednesday the PSOE candidate, Pedro Sánchez, that "if he returns to the policies of Aznar", with proposals such as criminally pursuing the call for referendums, "he will have the PNV far away."

Ortuzar has closed the meeting of the PNV held in the Gipuzkoan town of Beasain, in which the head of the Congress participated in Gipuzkoa, Joseba Agirretxea, and the Senate candidate Maribel Vaquero.

The president of the PNV has criticized some of the proposals that Sánchez raised in the debate last Monday, such as the modification of the Criminal Code to sanction the holding of referendums "which they call illegal", which means "recovering nothing less than an initiative of (José María) Aznar. "

Ortuzar has also alluded to the decree authorizing the Government to close websites and networks without a court order for reasons of public order, which it has described as "155 digital".

"If Sanchez returns to Aznar's policies, if such regression occurs in democratic terms, he will have the PNV far, very far away," warned the PNV leader, who added that "whoever tries to penalize the dialogue, who demonizes the possibility popular expression, will be closing the door to a collaboration with the PNV ".

Ortuzar has made it clear to the PSOE that "opportunities for understanding and governance will only be opened" if it recovers "with words and deeds" the discourse "of dialogue, plurality and reforms" that the Socialists wielded when they received the support of the PNV in the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy. "In his hand is. He must choose," he added.

The nationalist leader has lamented that Sanchez, instead of "expanding the circle of his friendships" to ensure stability, has been losing collaborators "due to ambition or political blur."

"Instead of exploring new ways of collaborating with those who made it possible for them to arrive at Moncloa, they have chosen to try to conquer new positions by fishing or trying to fish votes in other people's fishing grounds," criticized Ortuzar, who has blamed this turn to "excessive ambition." of the acting president.

He stressed that Vox is concerned about the PNV "more than others in the nationalist or sovereignist landscape" and has considered that the reason is that the "way of doing politics" of the jeltzales "is what can cause a waterway in that Spanish centralist and Jacobin state that some want to have tied and well tied. "

After recalling Vox's desire to outlaw his party, Ortuzar has assured that the PNV "knows better than anyone else" the "violence" of Franco, but nevertheless, the jeltzale formation continues "strong" in Euskadi.

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