January 24, 2021

The PNV management model is a giant with feet of mud

The secretary general of Podemos Euskadi, Lander Martínez, has considered that the Zaldibar landfill crisis has shown that “the management model of the PNV is a giant with feet of mud.”

Martínez has made these statements in an act of support for the Guztion Aukera candidacy for the primaries of his party for the elections to the Basque Parliament on April 5 that has Rosa Martínez as a candidate for lehendakari.

He referred to the situation generated after the collapse of the Biscay dump in which it has been proven “something that had been seen for a long time: that waste management was going to become a business” in Euskadi.

“Private landfills have been installed in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa and there is not enough public control over these types of spaces and that has ended with a series of negligence that has ended with the collapse,” he insisted.

The secretary general of Podemos-Euskadi has added that Basque society needs a government in whose management and in its environmental policy “can trust”, which has “new recipes to meet the challenges of the next legislature”.


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