April 14, 2021

The PNV complains that the Congress denies documents of a commission of inquiry into torture 40 years ago

The PNV complains that the Congress denies documents of a commission of inquiry into torture 40 years ago

In particular, sources of the PNV have told Europa Press, it was the Interior spokesman of the Basque nationalists, Mikel Legarda, who on November 8 presented a brief before the Congress's Table requesting access to the documentation of the aforementioned commission.

This investigation was carried out during the first legislature and had several phases. It started in December 1979 under the name of 'Commission of Inquiry on alleged ill-treatment of detainees in the Basque Country', a name that barely lasted two months.

And, at the end of February 1981, most of the members of his Bureau were changed and reconverted in the 'Human Rights Research Commission' because the investigation was extended to other Spanish prisons in which it is allegedly also they were producing abuses.


In March 1982, a new Board was elected again, presided over by Fernando Álvarez de Miranda, who had presided over Congress during the constituent legislature and who, in 1994, was appointed Ombudsman.

Under his direction, the commission continued to work until August 1982, when the Chambers were dissolved by the convocation of the general elections that took place in October. Members of it were, among others, the socialist José Bono; Juan María Bandrés, from Euskadiko Ezkerra, and, on behalf of the PNV, participated Joseba Azkárraga, who would later leave this training to join his split, Eusko Alkartasuna, and become a Basque Justice Councilor.

The members of the commission and the dates of constitution and dissolution is the only information about it available on the Congress website. That is why Legarda requested authorization to be able to consult the documentation on the investigation that is kept in the archives of the Chamber.

As 15 days have gone by without being "notified of any information" regarding his request, the PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, has sent a written complaint to the president of Congress, in which he demands that the deputy be authorized to access those documents as soon as possible.


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