The PNV begins its internal renewal process that will foreseeably end with a new term of Andoni Ortuzar at the head of the EBB

The internal electoral process of the PNV begins this Monday to renew its executive, in which the current president Andoni Ortuzar is expected to continue in charge for another four years. All this was postponed at the beginning of the year due to the pandemic and now, if there is no news, it will culminate on December 12 and 13 with the celebration of the general assembly of the party.

The PNV blows 125 candles as the main Basque party

The PNV blows 125 candles as the main Basque party

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The renewal of the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (EBB) and its five territorial councils (ABB, BBB, GBB, NBB and IBB), in which all 'jeltzales' affiliates can participate in a double round model, begins with the referral of documentation to municipal and extraterritorial organizations, reports Europa Press.

The first round will be held between October 12 and 25, and each municipal organization will propose a candidate for the presidency of the EBB and candidates for Burukide. In the second round, which will be held from November 2 to 18, the municipal organizations must choose a candidate to preside over the EBB and eight Burukides, from among all those who, in the first round, have been proposed by at least three organizations municipal.

On November 27 and 28, the territorial assemblies must be held, and from each of them there will be a candidate for the presidency of the EBB and eight candidates for Burukide. Finally, the national assembly, within the framework of the general assembly, will be in charge of electing the president and eight burukides of the EBB from among those candidates proposed by the Territorial Assemblies. The process for the renewal of the five local bodies in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Álava, Navarra and Iparralde, will run in parallel with that of the EBB. However, the assemblies that will proclaim presidents and Burukides of the Araba Buru Batzar (ABB), Bizkai Buru Batzar (BBB), Gipuzko Buru Batzar (GBB), Ipar Buru Batzar (IBB) and Napar Buru Batzar (NBB) must be held in a different date than the general assembly.

This same week Andoni Ortuzar himself has stressed that "probably, there is not a party that has a procedure as open" as that of its formation, since, with three municipal organizations of more than 200 that exist, they propose a candidate to preside the EBB, that candidate would run for the presidency. In any case, he has admitted that this situation, with several candidates, "is usually seen coming and usually responds to periods of conflict within the parties," something that is not occurring in the PNV right now.

The celebration of the internal electoral process of the PNV and the place where the General Assembly can be held will be conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has already forced the renewal of the PNV's management bodies to be postponed, which was scheduled to end this past summer. "It will be a very special and very rare process," admitted Ortuzar, who explained that they have been without "ordinary party activity" for a while, with many batzokis closed, with difficulties to get together, because the rooms do not meet the capacity, etc. " For this reason, he pointed out that the procedures will have to be "more special" than on previous occasions, although "respecting the sense of the assemblies." "I trust that people will be encouraged to participate and, above all, be encouraged to propose, because we also carry the possibility of changes in the statutes, etc. It is a process that we carry out every four years to fine-tune the match, "he concluded.


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