The PNV agrees with the Government to extend aid to parents with sick children until they are 23 years old

The PNV has agreed this Monday with the Government to extend the age limitation foreseen to receive the economic benefit for the care of minors affected by cancer or another serious illness (contemplated in the General Social Security Law), which will no longer be 18 years. After "intense negotiations" between the nationalist formation and the Executive, the protection will be extended until the minor person reaches 23 years of age, as explained by the party chaired by Andoni Ortuzar.

The agreement is included in a transactional amendment to the General State Budgets agreed with the Spanish Government, which will be voted on telematically tomorrow and the result of which will be known on Wednesday. The pact between the Basque nationalist formation and the Executive "is positive" to bring their definitive support for the Budgets, as explained by PNV sources in Congress.

The subsidy, contemplated in the General Law of Social Security, benefits some 8,000 families throughout the State and, according to the PNV, is intended to "compensate for the loss of income suffered by those interested in having to reduce their working hours. , with the consequent decrease in their salary, due to the need to directly, continuously and permanently care for the children or minors in their charge, during the time of their hospitalization and continued treatment of the disease. " Until now, this benefit ended when the minor person reached the age of 18. Once the amendment is approved, and when the Budgets complete their processing and become Law, this benefit will be extended to 23 years.

In accordance with the agreed text, “this benefit will be extinguished when, prior to a report from the public health service or health administrative body of the corresponding CC.AA., the need for direct, continuous and permanent care of the child or the person subject to foster care or foster care for the beneficiary's adoption or when the beneficiary reaches 23 years of age ".

The first agreements signed by the Executive in the Commission proceedings were reached with the PNV and had to do mainly with the railway powers of the Basque Country and the recognition of the regional regime when establishing the indebtedness of the Basque Country. In total, the Basque nationalists have managed to agree with the Government parties 32 amendments to the Budgets during the Commission processing of the new accounts.

The measures are mainly for investments in R + D + i, cultural promotion and infrastructures. So far, the Basque nationalists have incorporated 41 amendments for a total value of 30 million euros which, as the Basque group explained in a note, "substantially improve" the accounts for Basque and Navarrese citizens. Having supported this procedure in the Commission, the Basque Group hopes to continue discussing the Budgets in its journey through the Senate and to "definitively channel" the burying of the AVE tracks in Bilbao before giving a definitive 'yes' to the accounts.

This same Monday EH Bildu, Más País and Compromís announced their 'yes' to the new accounts, thanks to different concessions from the Executive. Pedro Sánchez therefore has 163 votes in favor of the Budgets, still far from the 176 that make up the absolute majority of the Lower House, and which are necessary to approve the project in the Plenary of Congress that begins this afternoon.

In addition to the PNV, which has just closed the aforementioned agreement late on Monday, ERC also notes progress in its conversations with the Government. At the moment, none of them has confirmed their support for the Budgets.


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