January 16, 2021

The plot of the researched Too extorsion 30,000 euros to the coach of the Alavs – The Province

The plot of the researched Too extorsion 30,000 euros to the coach of the Alavs - The Province

The criminal organization that extorted to supposed clients of a contact website, for which it was imprisoned the footballer of Lift UD Toño Garcíareleased since last Friday and still investigated in the cause-, would have obtained a booty close to half a million euros through the blackmail and death threats to his victims and relatives. Among those who suffered for months the continued extortion of this plot is the coach of the Deportivo Alavés, Abelardo. As Levante-EMV has learned, the coach of First Division, and ex-football player among others Sporting de Gijón and FC Barcelona, came to make two payments by bank transfer for an amount close to 30,000 euros to an account in the name of one of the 'mules' used by the organized gang, a person who was also arrested within the framework of the «Operation Lubido-Hezurra» carried out by the Civil Guard of Teruel and Guipúzcoa.

According to researches of the researchers, the leaders of the plot are M. F. M., alias Erik, and I. B. O., known as Salva. Toño's relationship with the latter, aged 26 and with a history of fraud and extortion, would have led to his arrest and 21 days in prison. Along with two others arrested in said operation, the granota footballer would be responsible for allegedly laundering the money from the extortions, as is clear from the proceedings referred to the Court of Instruction number three of Teruel, in charge of the case.

Although initially the judge agreed to his entry in provisional prison on February 8, the Provincial Court of Teruel estimated the appeal presented by the lawyer of the player and He released him without bail by understanding that there is no risk of flight and no possibility of tampering or destroying evidence. Yes, Toño remains investigated for the crimes of money laundering and criminal organization membership and must go to sign the court with an apud minutes every fifteen days.

Ten detainees released

Like the Levante UD player, another of the alleged members of the organization dedicated to the alleged laundering of the 500,000 euros obtained through coercion and threats has been released. Likewise, eight arrested who were in provisional prison have been released on charges this week, among them several of those who were used as 'mules', mainly people with few resources, who took a commission to facilitate their bank accounts for the payments of the victims or physically withdrew the money from the ATMs.

Of the 14 arrested and five investigated, most of them in Valencia, due to their presumed relationship with this extortion plot, the two presumed leaders and two other members of the organization are still in prison. The Civil Guard has received complaints from about 40 victims across the country. There are affected in Teruel, Huesca, Zaragoza, València, Castelló, Alicante, Álava, Navarra, Murcia, Salamanca, Murcia, Toledo, Jaén, Huelva Albacete, Cantabria, A Coruña, León and Segovia. It is not ruled out that among the victims there are more elite athletes.

The extortionists demanded the payment to their victims for reserving supposed appointments with luxury escorts, that did not come to occur. They claimed the money lost for not showing up and threatened to reveal to their relatives non-existent sexual encounters, even threatening to send "thugs".


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