June 15, 2021

The Plenary of the Congress returns to meet this Tuesday for the final vote of Pedro Sánchez

In that vote, the leader of the PSOE and president of the acting Government garnered 166 votes in favor, to ten of the absolute majority that was required to be invested president to the first. Specifically, to the 120 votes of the PSOE, Sánchez added 34 of United We can – lacked a deputy of In Common by illness -, the six of the PNV, the three of More Country-Equo-Commitments and the other three of Teruel There , Nueva Canarias and Galego Nationalist Block (BNG).

The socialist candidate only surpassed by a vote the rejections to his investiture, which added 165. Specifically, in the block of ‘no’ the 88 of the PP, the 52 of Vox, the 10 of Citizens, the 8 of Junts were positioned per Catalunya, the two from the CUP, the other two from Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN), one from Foro Asturias, another from the Cantabrian Regionalist Party (PRC) and one from the Canary Coalition.

The other 18 remaining deputies – the 13 of Republican Esquerra (ERC) and the five of Bildu – opted for abstention.

Thus, Sanchez will play it in the ‘second round’ of this Tuesday, 48 hours later, as the Constitution marks, in which the candidate will only need to add more votes in favor than against, that is, more yeses than It is not.


With the result of the vote on Sunday –166 against 165– Sánchez would already be inaugurated president. Of course, as long as there are no unforeseen last minute. Given the tightness of the vote – there is only one difference vote – it will be necessary that there are no more casualties in the ranks of the investor supporters.

The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, has set the beginning of the debate on Tuesday at 12 noon so that the candidate can go back to the different parliamentary groups asking for their support. It will have a maximum of ten minutes and then the different spokespersons will have a brief five-minute intervention shift to fix position.

The forecast is not to vote before 12.45 noon to comply with the fair 48 hours established by the Constitution in case the applicant for Moncloa does not get the necessary support on his first attempt.

In the event that, as expected, Sánchez obtains the confidence of the Chamber, Batet will foreseeably go to the Palacio de la Zarzuela that day to inform the King of the result, for the purposes of his appointment as President of the Government.


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