The plea of ​​Wyoming in favor of a dignified death

The plea of ​​Wyoming in favor of a dignified death

Ángel Hernández, the husband of María José Carrasco, terminally ill that helped to die was contacted moments after the death of his wife with the program 'The Intermediate' to make clear what happened and that television could spread the complicated situation that was going through. The cameras of the program were next to Hernández at the time he was calling the emergency services to report that his wife had died. They also filmed the moment when the police arrived at their home.

The program presented by the Grand Wyoming exclusively broadcast the recording in order to show an overview of the situation experienced by Ángel Hernández and to contribute in some way in the different similar cases that are experienced today in Spain. Wyoming launches a question in its program: "Can we tolerate that someone like Ángel Hernández ends up in jail for trying to fulfill his wife's express wish?". The same presenter sentences without taboos: "Not in any way".

In case of María José Carrasco has provoked different protests in support of Ángel Hernández and the debate on euthanasia has jumped to the agenda of politicians twenty days before the general elections.


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