The playwright Gabriel Calderón gives a workshop within the Galdós Laboratory

The Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón.

The Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón.

The Galdós Laboratory organizes from June 21 to 23 the dramaturgy workshop that the Uruguayan Gabriel Calderón will give, one of the most sought-after authors on the contemporary Latin American scene, within the framework of the second edition of the theatrical experimentation initiative to which the Producer Unahoramenos grants us until next year 2023 an international perspective.

People who wish to register in the aforementioned workshop whose places are limited to ten participants, can do so by writing an email to [email protected] The bases of the call are available at the address

In the afternoon and at the headquarters of the Pérez Galdós Theater from the capital of Gran Canaria, the workshop that Calderón has called The last bad deed, in which he will propose the ten expected participants, in the course of three five-hour meetings, generate a work not from knowledge, but accepting as a founding part of creation, everything that we are not, that we do not know or that we are in a position to write. “We will try, using resources considered imperfect, useless procedures and unsuccessful recognition of other people’s procedures, to write in 15 hours – claims if there are any – of the last bad work of each one of the participants. On the one hand, thus, we will be freed to finally write the good play ”, explains the Uruguayan playwright, adding that the construction process of his plays is designed so that they can metamorphose in front of him. “What excites me about writing and directing is seeing this movement,” he stresses.

At just 39 years old, Gabriel Calderón has become one of the leading playwrights in Latin America. The text of the first montage that the Galdós Laboratory will premiere in its second edition next September at the Pérez Galdós Theater, Clara and the abyss, is the work of Calderón, who last year premiered his acclaimed monologue Story of a wild boar within the framework of the Girona High Season Festival. Author of more than twenty theatrical pieces, he took off at the age of 21 after writing My doll, one of the most influential shows in Uruguayan theater so far in the 21st century. Then came Something from Ricardo At the suggestion of the Uruguayan National Comedy, premiered in 2013 at the La Carpintería center, and in 2018 he directed his political tragicomedy at the National Theater of Catalonia, Let the actors explode. His journey is already so wide that a retrospective of his work was presented in France a few years ago. He is a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and artist-in-residence at the Thétre des Quartiers dIvry in Paris. His texts have been translated into French, German, English and Portuguese.

If his irruption on the local scene was marked by a strongly generational imprint and a belligerent attitude towards the discourses and languages ​​consolidated by tradition, his shows of maturity –Even though they maintain the intensity in the performance and the dizzying stage rhythm that were hallmarks of the former–, they incorporate a fundamental thematic novelty: the review of the recent political history of Uruguay (and in particular the consequences of the civil-military dictatorship of 1973-1985) from a very personal language that includes elements of melodrama, science fiction and humor in a key of absurdity.

Between 2006 and 2010 he was general director of cultural projects of the National Directorate of Culture of the National Government of Uruguay; in 2014 and 2015 director of the National Institute of Performing Arts, and currently he is coordinator of the University Technician in Dramaturgy of the EMAD and the University of the Republic.

Galdós International Laboratory, produced by the Pérez Galdós Theater and Unahoramenos producciones, with the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council (patrons of the Auditorium and Theater Foundation), the Government of the Canary Islands, and the collaboration of the Agüimes City Council and Other entities such as the SGAE Foundation, will propose three annual productions related to contemporary dramaturgy in America (2021), Africa (2022) and Europe (2023), all of them directed by the canary Mario Vega and which will be completed with the collaboration of different spaces scenic or festivals of each one of the three mentioned continents.


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