The players of Rayo Femenino denounce "inequality" in front of their teammates and other First teams

Their employment situation is not worthy of a First Division team, nor of the shirt they wear "with pride and enthusiasm." It is the complaint that the Rayo Vallecano Femenino players have made public this Saturday, through the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), and that they will return to the Labor Inspectorate to act against what they consider to be "discrimination in the labor sphere". "We are hard-working and with this release the only thing we want is to defend our club by competing in suitable working conditions ", they point out in the note.

The AFE, which represents the workforce, already announced in August that the Labor Inspectorate was investigating the employment relationship of the players and other members of the technical team with the club, following a complaint to the labor authority to alert that these personnel were training without having signed their contracts and, therefore, without being registered with the Security Social. A complaint that was estimated in the middle of last August.

The club then claimed that the employment relationship had begun on August 20. Now, the players denounce not receiving the payroll document and that they collect their salary "always one week after the end of the month" which, as explained in the statement, contravenes the provisions of articles 29 and 30 of the Collective Agreement for female soccer players in the First Soccer Division. These indicate that the clubs must pay the remuneration in the last five days of each month and make "delivery of a signed copy or electronically" to the soccer players.

The footballers also affirm that they work "in a scenario of great inequality, in terms of facilities, material and personnel, in comparison" with their colleagues from the men's first team. "That is why we are forced to denounce again, publicly, the situation we suffer daily," they develop.

This "great inequality", which they already denounced in the summer, is reflected in a list of grievances that also place them "at a clear disadvantage against the rest of the teams" in the First Division. They list the lack of basic sports equipment, complete game kits for this season and a gym where they can carry out their "daily professional work", but also the absence of medical services, a doctor and a physiotherapist to accompany them during the season. and the figure of a delegate, "so necessary for the management of different daily aspects", they regret.

In the statement released by the AFE, it is also stated that the players of Rayo Femenino do not have access to the club's parking lot, to which their mates from the men's first team can enter.

The members of the first team also demand good management of trips and trips with the club, as well as the meals that are going to be made. "It is not correct in any case that the team does not know these questions the day before traveling," they point out. In addition, they indicate that "the houses that the club offered to several team players have stopped being paid by the entity, so that those affected are seen on the street without any possible solution."

This writing has tried to contact the club, but at the end of these lines has not received a response.


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