Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

the player you did not know was from Madrid

He's not on the team, nobody remembers him, but he's still a Real Madrid player, even if he does not look like that. Lucas Silva the Brazilian signed with Ancelotti on the bench during a winter market is a player of the Zidane team, but he is not in Montreal training with the team nor is he expected.

He is a good midfielder, with a touch of the ball, but he could not adapt to Real Madrid in the winter market when he arrived and the pace of European football surpassed him. He also arrived in the last semester of Ancelotti, when the white team finished the season without winning anything and the arrival of Lucas Silva did not contribute anything different, unnoticed by the Madrid club, playing a few minutes and without time to develop their football. Elite football does not wait for anyone and you have to know how to take advantage of the moments. Lucas Silva did not do it.

He stopped entering the plans of the coaches and in the changes of staff there was no place for him either. The midfield became something of Kroos, Modric, Casemiro or Isco and there was no room for a footballer who did not fit.

The Cruzeiro asked for it and Real Madrid transferred it to the Brazilian team. This summer he finished his assignment, but neither he wants to return nor find a place in a white set that needs, above all, to get rid of footballers and in which no one else fits.

The idea is that Lucas Silva stays one more season in the Cruzeiro loan and next summer already ends his contract with Real Madrid. It will no longer be for Real Madrid, although nobody cares.

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