Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

The player asking for the PSG for Neymar

There are no negotiations between PSG and Real Madrid for Neymar, or not directly. Barcelona is the one that is trying the most and the group that believes it is closer to the Brazilian. But that is still not clear.

Paris Saint Germain knows that Real Madrid could be interested in Neymar if an agreement is not reached between the French entity and Barcelona and is already dropping a wish list that would undoubtedly help lower the price of the star Brazilian.

Casemiro is one of those desired by the PSG, but he knows that it is impossible, because as this preseason has been shown, he is one of the fundamental players for the balance of Zidane's eleven. But the other name that just came out and with which the PSG would sit with another mood on the table with Real Madrid is Vinicius.

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The young extreme is one of the future pearls of world football and seems to be in Paris would like to enter the negotiating table: he is young, has talent, would not occupy the throne of Mbappé and can replace Neymar with the band. Leonardo, the Brazilian sports director of PSG knows him well and is interested in him

The situation of Vinicius in Real Madrid is, at least, complex. Last season he uncovered himself as an excellent player, revulsive, without complexes and always ready to face all rival defenses. The end of winter was his great moment, when the team that trained Solari then grabbed him to survive. But he did not give more of himself, he was injured against Ajax and could barely play later.

Zidane's arrival does not seem to have favored him. The Frenchman knows he has a pearl to polish there, but he mistrusts a bit of his football immaturity. He believes that Vinicius needs more time and Zizou has always been a coach who has liked veterans, mature players.

Vinicius has gone through the preseason on tiptoe, like many others, with the difference that was expected, this campaign, a football burst. But if you were a headline before, now it seems that you have to find a site and his tweet: "There is light at the end of the tunnel," does not say much of his mood.

The PSG, in this situation, seems to want it. But Real Madrid trusts him and he won't change it for Neymar.

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