April 10, 2021

The Platform for 5% denounces a "lost legislature in education" – La Provincia

The Platform for 5% denounces a "lost legislature in education" - La Provincia

The Platform for 5% for Education has today transferred the president of the Canary School Council, Ramón Aciego, his displeasure at the repeated breach of the Canarian Law on Education by the Government of the Canary Islands, "which distances us more and more from the objective of achieving, as established by the Law, 5% of GDP in education in 2022. The legislature ends with no progress in this area and the responsibility lies with the Government and the groups that support it. A few months after its completion, we are facing a lost legislature in education. "

The School Board of the Canary Islands has reiterated for years the need to significantly increase the budget allocated to education, in compliance with the Canary Law of Education (consolidation of 5% of GDP), with the purpose of guaranteeing its development and responding to the needs of the system, to the lags in financing that it carries, as well as to the challenges of modernization and improvement pending. This demand has been reflected in various resolutions of the Council on the increase in financing of the Canarian educational system.

In these the need was explicit that, from the government, the political and social institutions, society in general and the productive sector, assume the importance of educational investment, reflecting and recording, clearly and explicitly, the budget increase progressive annual that guarantees to reach, at least, 5% of GDP, within the 2014-2022 period.

This objective is shared by the 5% Platform for Education that has been demanding from the Government of the Canary Islands a multi-year budget increase plan for education. To this end, and taking into account that there were only three years left to fulfill this objective, it was urged that the education budget for 2019 be above 4% of GDP. This was also demanded by the Parliament itself, the School Council of the Canary Islands, teachers' unions and boards, the most representative trade unions in the Canary Islands, associations of parents of students, the two Canarian universities and their educational faculties, parliamentary groups and political parties. of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, diverse city councils, the Common Deputy and numerous cloisters and School Councils. However, the approved budget only reached 3.6% of GDP.

Quality and equity

The members of the platform recalled that the Canary Islands suffer from a situation of delay and disadvantage that requires accelerating educational policies that allow us to reach the levels of quality and educational equity that other autonomous communities already achieve.

The Canary Islands have all the necessary instruments for this. We have citizen concern, a shared diagnosis, an educational agreement and an action plan. The more than 35,000 signatures that in 2010 demanded an education law are the expression of that citizen's will. The Opinion by the Study Commission of the Parliament of the Canary Islands on the situation of Education of 2012 constitutes the shared diagnosis. The Social, Political and Economic Pact for Education in the Canary Islands it was developed by the CEC in 2013. The Canary Islands Education Law approved in 2014 constitutes the shared action plan to accelerate the progress of education in the Canary Islands.

However, the calendar of developments of the Canarian Law on Education contained in several of its additional ones has not been complied with and a good part of its plans are still not implemented as a consequence of the repeated breaches of its funding due to a lack of political will.

As a result, the teaching staff are among the most precarious in Spain (with 2,500 teachers less than the average), the offer of 0-3 years is at the tail of the country (with a public offer of 5%, compared to to the average of 19% of the rest of the communities), the privatization of education is accelerated until exceeding 24% (exceeding and moving away from the EU average which is only 19%) and a rebound occurs for the first time of early school leaving, after a decade of improvement.

Lost Legislature

In this legislature not only has there been no real step towards the 5% established in the Canarian Law of Education for 2022 but the funding of Education has been placed at the minimum levels of the entire history of Canarian autonomy. In short, this has been a lost legislature for Education.

The members of the platform expressed their appreciation to the CEC for their repeated demands for compliance with the LCE and their financing, a commitment they share and in which they hope to continue cooperating.

Likewise, before the next elections the 5% Platform for Education will demand that in the electoral programs there appear clear references to the strict compliance of the Canary Islands Education Law and its development, as well as a calendar for the fulfillment of the funding path to reach the 5% of GDP in 2022, because students from the Canary Islands can not wait for tomorrow's improvements.


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