April 20, 2021

The plane is shot in Spain by 10% in 2018 and reaches 2008 levels | Economy

The plane is shot in Spain by 10% in 2018 and reaches 2008 levels | Economy

Last year, almost 5,000 travelers used some means of public transport in Spain. It is 3.1% more than the previous year and the highest figure since 2008, just the year of the outbreak of the crisis. Except for long-distance buses, all transports led to the closing of the year more passengers than in 2017, especially aircraft. After a few years of struggle with the long-distance train, including the AVE, air transport stands out clearly and, with a growth of 10%, more than double that recorded by the train, exceeds 40 million passengers for the first time since a decade ago

The economic crisis meant a significant decrease in the use of public transport that has taken a decade to recover. In 2006, the record of 5,095.4 million passengers was recorded among all transport for trips between Spanish locations. Since then, the trajectory was down to land in 2014 with 4,476.9 million, a total decrease of 12.13%. That year, an ascending path began that lasts, for the time being, until 2018, when a total of 4,905.7 million passengers traveled on some public transport through Spain. Of them, 3,013.7 million traveled in urban transport (2.7% more) and 1,372.6 million (3.6% more) did it between different localities.

All means of transport closed the year with positive balances, except the bus of ldistance arga, which transported 15.5 million passengers, 4% less. Among them, the economic recovery of recent years has boosted the use of the airplane, with which the railroad did not rival much. In fact, in 2014, more passengers used the train (29.7 million) than those who flew (29.3) between Spanish cities. With the boost of the economy, the plane has clearly taken off the train and has exceeded 40 million passengers (40.27 million), something that had not happened since 2008, when 41.07 million people flew through Spain. Since 2013, when it marked the minimum number of travelers due to the crisis, the plane has recovered 11.5 million passengers, an increase of 40.3%.

Meanwhile, travelers who decided on the long-distance train increased by 4.1% to 33.6 million. It is a new historical maximum, the sixth in a row. Of that figure, 21.3 million used the AVE, an additional 3.8% and also the historic maximum of high-speed passengers, according to INE records.

In any case, the most used railroad is the railroad, which they used 559.8 million passengers, 4.5% more than the previous year. Others 32.8 million used medium-distance trains (+ 3.1%).

For its part, bus transport was used by almost 695 million passengers in 2018, 2.6% higher than in 2017, while maritime transport rose by 3.1%, to 11 million users.


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