Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The plan with which you want to change the VAR

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is willing to introduce an innovative measure experimentally regarding the use of the video arbitration system (VAR) so that teams have the power to claim its use in doubtful actions. The main body that governs sport in Italy intends to introduce the so-called “challenge” in specific game situations, such as in tennis, so that the teams do not depend solely and exclusively on the referee’s criteria. Of course, clubs would have a limited number of applications, as in tennis.

The proposal comes from several clubs of the Italian league and the objective of this initiative “is not to question the decisions of the referees, but limit the most controversial cases and avoid any mistakes that can be made ”. “FIGC has interpreted the requests it has received from several Series A teams in recent weeks and has informed FIFA in advance of its willingness to test the use of the challenge (the analysis of the referees after a review request by the teams), according to the criteria established by the Italian Football Federation, ”says the statement. “We believe that by continuing on this path, football can be improved and be on another level, without affecting the authority of the referee, but providing concrete tools,” says the note pending approval and can be used in Series A Italian


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