July 28, 2021

The plan of Work against the abuses causes the increase of the day in 6,300 contracts | Economy

The plan of Work against the abuses causes the increase of the day in 6,300 contracts | Economy

The letters sent by the Ministry of Labor to companies to inform them that they have detected signs of fraud in the use they make of part-time contracts begin to take effect. 6,292 companies have increased the number of hours of affected workers. This means that in 12.5% ​​of cases the letter has had effects, according to data provided by the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, in an appearance in the Senate.

These data are more meager than those achieved with the mass mailing of letters where abuses were detected in temporary hiring and whose preliminary results Valerio also announced two weeks ago: 46,554 conversions from temporary to fixed, which assumed that the letters had an effect in 58% of cases.

Both one campaign and another are part of the shock plans that the Ministry launched in August and are two parts of a broader program of the Labor Inspectorate for Decent Work, one of the first measures announced and implemented by the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, when arriving at Moncloa. However, it is clear that the result in one case and another is very different. Sources from the Ministry and also knowledgeable about the labor market argue that this is logical, since it is much easier to prove the abuse fraud in temporary hiring than the one that is committed when a worker is hired for fewer days from which he then really works. .

In the appearance, the first in the Senate since he took office, Valerio broke down his plans – in the three departments of the ministry he runs, – "an ocean liner", according to his definition: Employment, Social Security and Migrations.

On the first, nothing advanced that had not been said in Congress or previous public events. In the second, he expressed his satisfaction with the agreement reached by the Pact of Toledo last week to revalue pensions on the basis of the CPI. His words had a different tone from the one that Economy Minister Nadia Calviño had the day before. "I must show my satisfaction for the agreement of the Pact of Toledo for the renewal of the Toledo pact according to the real CPI," he said, before noting that "there are still many things to discuss".

Valerio has reiterated "the commitment of the Government with the maintenance of purchasing power, which is unbreakable." This is very different from those words of Calviño, who was in favor of the annual update not only on the CPI, but also with other indicators.


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