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The plaintiff posed in underwear by Jesús Calleja

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Flying i'm going
, the space in which Jesus Calleja It shows a thousand and one places of nature with famous faces (or without them). On this occasion he moved to a region located north of Pomegranate in order to make known everything that is hidden there. Although that meant ending in underpants.

The adventurer moved specifically to Gorafe, where he showed the megalithic park located there and everything around him. A place unknown to many that he wanted to show and give visibility through an idea that left him with very little clothes and the occasional detractor among the neighbors of the place.

Whatever for the earth

Specifically, Calleja thought that the best way to make Gorafe known was to convince the locals to take a vindictive photograph naked. With about 500 or 700 faces without clothes in front of the camera of Lucia Herrero, professional of the image that the adventurer took until the town, was worth.

"What would you be able to do for this land? ”Calleja questioned some local residents willing to do anything for their home. Although perhaps at the moment of truth not everyone was for the work of accompanying the adventurer in the idea he had planned for Gorafe.

“Undressing is not right”

"Whoever stays in minor cloths," said the latter, who did not receive the approval of a lady who soon recriminated his action. “Dressing, whatever you want, but undressing is not right”, urged him in a comment that was supported by the vast majority. However, at that point, the Volando Voy host took the initiative.

He himself lowered his pants so that the rest of those present were encouraged. And so it was, although only to the photo. In total 700 neighbors from 47 municipalities in this area from the north of Granada, they joined the protagonist of the snapshot – dresses – in order to appear in the UNESCO global network of geoparks.

The definitive photograph that Calleja got in 'Volando voy'.

The definitive photograph that Calleja got in 'Volando voy'.

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