The pilgrims conquer the capital in the traditional pilgrimage of the Casa de Canarias in Madrid

In the center the president of the Casa de Canarias in Madrid, Roberto MIño, together with Kike Pérez, this morning. / C7

Kike Pérez, Aristides Moreno, Caco Senante and a thousand other people accompanied the president of the Casa de Canarias, Roberto Miño, in the celebration of the Day of the region that will be on May 30

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

Madrid's Gran Vía and Puerta del Sol dressed again as pilgrims. The Canarian Pilgrimage in Madrid, founded and promoted for 5 years by
Roberto Mino Reig, president of the Casa de Canarias, once again conquered and filled the main streets of the capital this Saturday, May 21.

Kike Pérez, Aristides Moreno and Caco Senante This year they were in charge of, together with Miño, carrying out the now classic Raising of the Canary Islands Flag that kicked off the massive celebration of Canary Islands Day in Madrid promoted by the so-called “Canarian Embassy” in the Capital.

The flag raised, presided over by a large crown of yellow, white and blue flowers in the key of an Offering to the Canaries and all the deceased of the archipelago, the great international soprano from the Canary Islands
Judith Pezoa paid tribute to the Flag by singing the 8 Canary Roses and Schubert's Ave Maria, which was followed by the delivery of the institution's awards to the artists Kike Perez and Aristides Moreno.

The pilgrims in Fuencarral street in the capital of Gran Canaria. /


The House also awarded Caco Senante for the success of his exhibition "La Salsa de la Vida" which includes his entire life and professional career and which has been one of the most visited exhibitions in Madrid over the past year.

End of the Offering which was held in the imposing Cathedral of the Redeemer in Madrid, a thousand pilgrims accompanied by the Parranda de la Casa de Canarias and dressed in their typical costumes,
They began the tour through the center of Madrid until they reached Sol.

The streets of Madrid once again became a clamor before the passage of the pilgrims who received applause and continuous cheers from
Long live the Canary Islands! from the shops and balconies that they left behind.

In Sol, the pilgrims were received in the historic Samsara room where a Canarian lunch was offered by the
Canarian restaurant Detenderete led by Canarian restaurateur Guillermo Garcia where wrinkled potatoes and almogrote were not lacking and where one of the most awaited moments of the Pilgrimage began, which was the performance of Aristides Moreno that put all the Romeros on their feet.

from left From right, Caco Senante, Kike Pérez, Roberto Miño and Arístides Moreno in the offering, in the Cathedral of the Redeemer. /


The great KiKe Perez, as always, did not fail and put the point of humor in an act in which the "there are no Tickets" was posted and that exceeded all expectations

Roberto Miño, as tradition already marks,
made an appearance at the event with his Goat “Paquita” that captured the attention of the youngest pilgrims and all the people of Madrid.

In his speech he harangued all the pilgrims to the need "for this generation to mark an era in the Canary Islands and for its legacy to be remembered for generations."

Among the thousand pilgrims were, among others, the former president of the Canary Islands
Paulino Rivero with his family, the eternal weatherman and canary
Paco Montesdeocathe Canarian international model
Marina Garcia Calderinthe actress
Elizabeth Prinzthe former Minister of Culture, César
Anthony Molina or the Equality delegate of the Common Deputy,
Beatrice Barrera.

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