The pier: Del amor | TV

They told us, among many others, the Truffaut de Jules and Jim and the Joshua Logan of The legend of the city without a name. The Bertolucci of Dreamers He gave the trio a twist with an incest and Machín sang it to us: "I can not understand / how you can love / two women at the same time, / and not be crazy". Now Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato offer us their version of the love triangle in the splendid series The jetty (Atresmedia Studios for Movistar). In other words: Vox and the complex Family Counseling of the new Junta de Andalucía have a new headache.

The excellence of the series has several important pillars. An intelligent and brilliant script able to intermingle the very preponderant feelings of love with a thriller classic without despising humor. Maintaining the interest, even increase it, along 10 chapters in which the dialogues about love do not turn out to be cloying at any moment is a demonstration of the domain of the trade, something that is not strange in those responsible for the triumphant The paper house.

A solid cast in which the co-stars, Irene Arcos and Verónica Sánchez stand out, wrapped by some great Marta Milans, Judit Ampudia and a longed-for and recovered Cecilia Roth in a kind of Barbara Cartland oozing with sarcasm, with the inestimable counterpoint of Álvaro Morte, Roberto Enríquez and Miquel Hernández, characters who develop stories and situations that enrich the recurring sentimental conflict.

To all this we must add impeccable realization and photography with a very remarkable work of montage that makes history flow smoothly despite the necessary and continuous temporary coming and going. The icing is the locations: an Albufera as has rarely been seen, hypnotic and natural, compared to a Valencia calatraveña, ostentatious and oppressive. Simplicity in the face of artifice. The jetty thus becomes a love song with all its complexities and one of the best series of the season.


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