October 20, 2020

The phrases by which Mourinho can return to Madrid

The phrases by which Mourinho can return to Madrid

"Go back to a club that I've been in already? If it's the right club, with the right structure and with ambition, I have no problem returning to Real Madrid. It's a pride that a club you've worked in wants you to come back, "said José Mourinho in an interview with BeIN.

And what is the best club? The real Madrid. "It's the iconic club. He has won 13 Champions ", has answered the Portuguese, who has never stopped being a Madridista. Now he is unemployed, he is a television commentator and he is looking for a bench for next season.

Against other coaches that detract from the last Champions of Madrid, Mou says it is something "extraordinary". "Is incredible. Five years, four finals won is absolutely impressive ". The Portuguese has recognized that Madrid has been very successful in the Champions and not so much in the League. Although he says that he did an excellent job during the year they won a valuable league with Madrid. "

Solari has been asked about the possible return of Mourinho and has assured that it is logical that a club like Madrid, "like Julia Roberts", have so many suitors. Meanwhile, Modric has said that they ignore "the rumors.


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