Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The phrases and reproaches of the first debate in Barcelona

Arranca la carrera al 28-A: las frases y reproches del primer debate en Barcelona

First stage of the intense electoral cycle this spring. The Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) was the scene on Wednesday of the first debate of candidates for Barcelona for the general elections of next April 28, organized by The vanguard and moderated by its director, Màrius Carol.

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Jaume Asens (In Comú Podem), Gabriel Rufián (ERC), Laura Borràs (JxCat), Meritxell Batet (PSC), Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (PP) e Inés Arrimadas (Cs) have faced arguments to little more than three weeks of some elections still of uncertain prognosis and in which the 48 seats distributed in Catalonia are presumed key for the future investiture.

Throughout two hours, the four list heads and the two number two -Rufián, on behalf of Oriol Junqueras; and Borràs, in that of Jordi Sànchez- have traced the first strokes of their program for 28-A on the three thematic axes of the debate: the Catalonia-Spain relationship; economic and social policy; and the fight against inequalities.

The Catalonia-Spain relationship

Jaume Asens (In Comú Podem)

"We present ourselves to advance Catalonia, a Catalonia that wants to abandon corruption, cuts, democratic involution."

"We propose a clarity law proposal that allows us to consider the exercise of Catalonia's right to decide".

Gabriel Rufián (ERC)

"I represent a political option that when we were 14% we were nice; when the 48% voted, they hit us and defamed us; When 80% came out on October 3, they imprisoned us. In short, they persecute us. "

"We propose dialogue, dialogue and dialogue, a dialogue table in which we do not deny each other".

Laura Borràs (JxCat)

"We feel children of October 1. We have left our professional careers and we have united in the goal of the independence of Catalonia ".

"Because they want to denounce this 80% in favor of the referendum, we are going to Madrid to defend the referendum as a solution".

Meritxell Batet (PSC)

"The main tool is dialogue within the law. The crossroads of 28-A is between sterile confrontation or the courage of dialogue within the law. "

"Are we willing to solve the problem, to build solutions among all? The PSOE yes. The difference with Cs and PP is that we defend the dialogue, with ERC and PDECat, that we framed it within the law ".

"The defense of the Constitution must be complete of all its articles, the system of autonomy and respect for the different languages ​​of the State."

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (PP)

"JxCat and ERC should apologize for bringing the fracture to Catalan society."

"The essential issue in these elections is the serious xenophobia that exists in Catalonia. What is happening in Catalonia so that there are Catalans who do not want to live with the rest of Catalans or Spaniards? "

"There is no word more groped than dialogue, the PSOE has emptied it of content, its dialogue is the rupture of the common sovereignty of all Spaniards".

Inés Arrimadas (Cs)

"There is no problem between Catalonia and Spain, there is a problem among Catalans. We have lost a decade in Catalonia for the you procés, of the you procés nothing good has come out, not even for the legitimately independentistas ".

"We have had some governments in Spain that have normalized the independence speeches and have agreed with them. Mr. Sanchez, who talks so much about dialogue, has not called me once, you confuse Catalunya with one part, only with Torra. "

Economic and social policy

Jaume Asens (In Comú Podem)

"The problems (in Catalonia) have to do with the situation of paralysis of the Government of the Generalitat. We are leaders in barracks, on the waiting list in hospitals, Catalonia is where the rental price of housing has grown the most. We present ourselves with the curriculum and endorsement of the work done in the Congress and in the City Council of Barcelona ".

Gabriel Rufián (ERC)

"Spain is a great country. It is a country of countries, but they also have 28% of child poverty, 50,000 evictions in the last ten years, 11 million poor people, 50% of youth unemployment according to which autonomous communities. That's what breaks a country, not that people vote in Catalonia. "

"I have lived beautiful parliamentary sessions, but also disastrous ones. No parliamentary session in Congress more disastrous than the royal decree that voted PP, PSOE and Citizens to allow Catalan companies to leave because of a referendum. 98.9% of Catalan companies are SMEs and self-employed. And no one left. "

"It is undeniable that during the governments of Rajoy and also of the PSOE the pension fund was dilapidated. They are data, they are lentils that can not be discussed ".

Laura Borràs (JxCat)

"Independence is the most social and most viable project for the economy of Catalonia. Because it is a useful project for 7.5 million Catalans, because Catalonia has a much greater potential, which the Kingdom of Spain does not allow it to develop ".

Meritxell Batet (PSC)

"If today we are here, it is because of the clamp that I veto the PGE between those who claim to defend a lot of Spain and those who claim to defend Catalonia a lot. There are elections called because we are in when the worse, the better. "

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (PP)

"Mr. Rajoy managed the economy so well that even Mr. Iglesias has bought a villa in Galapagar."

"While they are engaged in propaganda for the independence movement, they do not deal with people, they dedicate themselves to a mythical construction of a nation and the unrest is increasing and people take to the streets."

Inés Arrimadas (Cs)

"I do not buy the speeches of PSOE and PP that blame all the economic evils of Spain. The poor work and educational results have been here with PP and PSOE. "

"The nationalist parties are responsible for the good and the bad of the budgets that have been voted in this country, because they have always agreed with all governments. The pact of I approve you in Madrid but let me do what I want in Barcelona. "

Fight against inequalities

Jaume Asens (In Comú Podem)

"The action of the State Bar is a shame: it allows the extreme right to stand beside it and instead tries to torpedo what is being investigated in Barcelona".

"Both Citizens and the PP have opened the door to the far right, with which they govern in Andalusia."

"One of the first measures will be to create a ministry of feminism."

Gabriel Rufián (ERC)

"The body asks me to tell Sanchez that my red line is to remove the concertinas from El Tarajal. I am convinced that Mr. Marlaska has nothing to do with Mr. Zoido, but that he shows it. "

"We propose to remove the fascist torturers, like Billy the Kid, from the amnesty law."

"We want to prevent a new 155 and the PSC must answer whether or not it will agree with Citizens."

Laura Borràs (JxCat)

"I will speak under, because when we speak of Francoism they tell us that we awaken the Franco regime".

"Marlaska says they have cleaned the sewers of the State. I do not know if they have been cleaned with Fairy. "

"We will not go to Madrid to ask for more competitions, because we do not want more autonomy. We will not go begging for rights and freedoms, because they have to demand. "

Meritxell Batet (PSC)

"The migration policy must be of absolute respect for human rights, Spain is the country that has saved the most lives in the Mediterranean through Maritime Rescue".

"We have put migration policy back into the European debate."

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (PP)

"The basic principle of free and equal citizens before the law is being endangered by identity policies, not only here in Spain. One of the cases is nationalism, which for the sake of a myth subjects individuals ".

"There is also a politics of identity in feminism, because women are not born as victims, nor are men as abusers."

"You want to get Franco out of the Valley of the Fallen as if this really is a national priority."

"The debate today is not between left and right, but between the principles of enlightenment and constitutionalism in the face of populism and nationalism."

Inés Arrimadas (Cs)

"I am surprised by the criticism of nationalism by the Spanish democratic system, which is one of the best in the world, after the rubbish of the law of legal transience."

"Fortunately, they thought that they were facing only Rajoy, and ahead they had an advanced democracy of the 21st century."

"Between the extremes that want to build a wall and those who want to open borders, we are a majority of Catalans and Spaniards."

"I am more of measures than of slogans, it hurt me a lot that the 8-M, the International Women's Day, to see ministers insulting women from other parties. The 8-M is not from the PSOE or from Podemos "

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