The phones with the best camera of 2020 to show off this 2021

With 2020 already over, 2021 is presented as an interesting year where, if all goes well, we will gradually recover the so-called "old normality". And while it is true that the Christmas season is over, the start of the sales It can be tempting for those people who have decided to reserve and save on these dates to change their mobile.

Five affordable cameras for taking beastly photos

Five affordable cameras for taking beastly photos

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One of the aspects that users pay most attention to when choosing a device is the camera. Either to portray those everyday moments that we all like to remember or to unleash our hobby.

2020 has left us several mobiles with some of the best cameras that we have seen on a device. But, which ones are the best? In this article, we collect the phones according to the best quality of your camera to start in 2021 as a great photographer.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro: laser focus and great quality

Following what happened between the United States Government and Huawei, some users may be concerned about the future of the brand. But nothing is further from the truth: the Chinese company has managed to reinvent itself. And therefore, it should not be ruled out when choosing a mobile.

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro, which price is around 1,200 euros, has become one of the last surprises of 2020, especially due to its versatile camera. With three cameras - a wide angle, a wide angle and a telephoto lens - a classic triplet in the high ranges, it has managed to position itself as, if not the best, one of the best options on the market.

First, the "main" camera has a 50MP f / 1-9 sensor and features PDAF and laser focus. The PDAF is the classic focus system, based on light transitions, and that in many devices it fails in low light conditions.

While the laser works like sonar, allowing the Mate 40 Pro to focus perfectly regardless of the light. Second, we find a 20MP wide angle with f / 1.8, which makes it the best on the market for night photography.

In many devices, the wide angle can suffer a lot in situations at night or in very low light, but the aperture of this camera allows us to take pictures, almost literally, in any situation.

Third, we find a telephoto lens with f / 3.4 very attractive. With a 10x hybrid zoom (and up to 50x digital), it will allow us to photograph details far away from us. It's true that the aperture isn't perfect for low-light scenes, but it doesn't perform badly either.

These three lenses are also very well calibrated and there are no major differences in results and colors (something common in models with so many cameras). In short, the best camera on a mobile of 2020.

Google Pixel 4a: a single lens

Although we already recommend it as one of the best alternatives to iPhone 12 on AndroidIf we talk about cameras, we must mention the Pixel 4a. First, for its price range that does not exceed 500 euros. Second, because it has one of the most versatile and interesting cameras of all of 2020.

With a single 12MP camera and f / 1.8, Google bets on focus on a single lens and leave out the triplet already established. This takes away from the versatility of the mobile, which will not be able to portray landscapes or details in the best way as it does not have a wide angle or a telephoto lens, but its camera is the best in that price range.

Image processing, he software of the camera, it is intuitive and uncomplicated. Any user can use it without problem and, having a single lens, the options, although reduced, are much simpler than in other terminals.

In addition, the Pixel 4a allows you to save photos in RAW format (or JPEG + RAW, the usual one in still cameras), which makes post-editing work much easier. They have also managed to improve night photography a lot, eliminating the usual yellowish / orange tone that mobiles in this range usually have.

iPhone 11 / iPhone 12: great results in automatic

In any top mobile phone with better cameras, you have to talk about Apple devices. For years, they have managed to dazzle users thanks to a great software in image processing that allows you to turn any photograph into a "great Photography".

But, Why do we recommend both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12? Basically, we are in front of the same cameras. Both the wide angle and the main sensor are the same lens in both models, the main differences lie in the processing of the images (although not many) and the night photographs.

Both models have two 12MP rear cameras: a standard lens and a wide angle (a third camera is added on Pro / Max models). And the truth is that the results are almost identical between both mobiles, of which iPhone 12 wins in night photography thanks to a better aperture (f / 1.6 and f / 2.4).

The only drawback that you can find if you are great lovers of photography is that, as usual in Apple mobiles, it is a closed system of point & shoot. That is to say, everything is automatic, the mobile will decide whether or not you can activate the night mode, ranges, etc.

Therefore, between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 lthe main difference lies in your budget: about 600/700 euros in the case of 11 and about 850 / 1,000 euros in the case of 12.

Oppo Find X2 Pro: the "off-road" option

But if the 1,000 euros of the iPhone 12 and the Mate 40 Pro are too much for us, and that the Pixel 4a seems "little" to us for only having one lens, your best alternative may be the Oppo Find X2 Neo. We are talking about a terminal that is around 500 euros and it has no less than four rear lenses, which, almost literally, makes it the most versatile on the market.

The cameras are:

  • a 48MP f / 1.7 main sensor
  • an 8MP f / 2.2 wide angle
  • a 13MP f / 2.4 telephoto lens
  • a 2MP f / 2.4 portrait lens

With this equipment, the Find X2 Neo is surely one of the most versatileIf what we are looking for is a mobile with decent results and that can be used in any situation. Although the photographs are not of a very high quality, especially compared to the previous terminals, they do not look bad either.

He HDR could be betterWhile it gives images a bit of "life", it does not help in low light or overexposure situations. Despite this, all lenses work very well. He softwareIn addition, it is very intuitive and simple.

This allows you to use any of the cameras in any situation without much effort. It does not have RAW shots (like the Pixel 4a), but for the target audience of this terminal we do not think it is necessary either.

The summary

DefinitelyBoth the Huawei Mate 40 Pro and the two iPhone models have very powerful cameras and with great results for great lovers of photography. Although for a very high price.

InsteadBoth the Pixel 4a and the Oppo Find X2 Neo are much cheaper options. While the 4a may be the perfect alternative for a user looking for a "second camera", the Oppo terminal is positioned as the perfect choice if what we are looking for is a mobile with a very versatile camera to use on a daily basis in any situation.

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