The philosopher Daniel Innerarity talks this Thursday from house to house with Ignacio Escolar

This Thursday, Conectados will join in conversation with Daniel Innerarity and Ignacio Escolar. The professor of Political Philosophy, director of the Institute of Democratic Governance and professor at the European Institute of Florence, is the author of numerous works and the most recent Pandemocracy, a philosophy of the coronavirus crisis (Galaxia Gutenberg) updates his theory regarding the inability of contemporary democracies to manage crises.

The philosopher considers that the pandemic has shown, due to the unpredictability, that the past increasingly gives fewer lessons and that we must "learn from the future", although he warns that politicians in Spain are dominated by a "great anxiety" that makes it difficult for them a more thoughtful demeanor.

Innerarity (Bilbao, 1959) warns that we will emerge from the current crisis "more unequal than we were" and in the conversation with Ignacio Escolar and with the partners of he will try to analyze how the pandemic has already affected society. Spanish politics and will try to glimpse where we are headed. What will be the consequences in society? What impact will it have on our system?

Readers and partners of can send their questions on all these matters to Daniel Innerarity. The meeting can be followed live on, through Facebook Live and in Twitter, with Periscope. We will wait for you!


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