March 2, 2021

The Philistines came from Italy

An international team of researchers concludes that the mythical people of the Philistines came from southern Europe, probably from Italy.

The giant Goliath, who fought and was defeated by King David, or Delilah, who snatched the strength from Samson, were Philistines, a people who lived to the s. XIII a. C and that the Bible mentions as a bitter enemy of the people of Israel.

Now a team of researchers, led by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany and the Leon Levy Expedition, extracted the genetic material from 10 skeletons that were buried in Ashkelon, the ancient port city of the Philistines. find in the modern Israel.

In these studies, published by "Science Advances", and thanks to the samples taken from the skeletons, it was determined that the Philistines moved to the eastern Mediterranean region about 3,400 or 3,150 years ago, their genetic trace disappearing at the end of the Age. del Hierro, due to its integration among the local population.

The findings found by these researchers reveal 14% more DNA of European origin than the previous samples dated in the Bronze Age (from 2 to 9 percent)

Although the results are not conclusive, they do suggest that this European origin comes from Southern Europe.

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