June 18, 2021

The Philharmonic manager sues Morales in the process for workplace harassment

The extension of the demand was presented last Thursday, February 25, before the Social Court number one of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the same day as Guacimara Medina and Miguel Ángel Pérez, insular councilor for Culture and first vice president of the Cabildo, respectively. , will resign from their positions in the OFGC Foundation, due to the discrepancies with the president of the insular institution, Antonio Morales; and for his repeated interference in the management of the OFGC, which have to do with lawsuits and investigations for workplace harassment and other irregularities involving the titular and artistic director, Karel Mark Chichon.

The plaintiff places Morales as a defender of the director’s “unlawful action”


Christian Roig’s request to expand the demand, which also involves and affects Guacimara Medina due to her condition as president of the OFGC Foundation when the manager began the judicial process, points to Antonio Morales as the person who “has been supporting, and empowering the co-defendant Mr. Chichon in his illicit performance in front of the actor, from the Presidency of the Island Council of Gran Canaria, and even from the Presidency of the co-defendant Foundation ”.

In this context, the lawyer representing Christian Roig, reports in his letter that Antonio Morales acceded to the presidency of the Foundation on January 15 -after revoking and returning the powers to Medina in 24 hours-, “a position he held for publicly denigrate the actor ”.

The resignation of Medina and Pérez to the presidency and vice-presidency of the Board of the OFGC Foundation now leaves this body in the hands of Antonio Morales, and he will be the one who makes the decisions regarding the immediate future of the director and manager. The differences of opinion between the Socialists and the president, of Nueva Canarias, led to the departure of the former from the Foundation in “an exercise of political responsibility.”

The letter recalls that the president used the position to “publicly denigrate” Roig


To date, Antonio Morales has defended the work of Karel Mark Chichon, whose contract, extended in May 2018 until 2023, and the tasks he performs do not comply with the law, according to legal services, and without taking any action against the lawsuits. for harassment: that of Roig, and those formulated by the head of production of the OFGC, Isabel Turienzo, and by one of the musicians, with external reports that evidence the indications of workplace harassment by the titular director of the Philharmonic.

On the other hand, the president of the Cabildo has stood, by his actions and way of proceeding, against the manager, who now includes him in his lawsuit. Christian Roig acceded to the position last July, the contract in tests expires this weekend, and its continuity depends on Morales.

The manager claims the payment of compensation of 40,000 euros for “moral damage suffered”


“Armored protection”

In the letter, in which Roig also claims compensation of 40,000 euros for “the non-pecuniary damage suffered”, he insists on the reasons for Medina’s resignation, since it occurred “as he was unable to do so, as he has publicly stated today [por el jueves], to continue supporting the unjust armored protection ”from Antonio Morales towards Karel Mark Chichon,“ in the face of the complaints of harassment and mobbing made against him, in addition to the actor, by other Foundation workers ”.

The expansion of the lawsuit is accompanied by the interrogation summons of Antonio Morales; and the testimony of Guacimara Medina.


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