the pharmaceutical "Netflix" that fights Covid-19




In the war against Covid-19, pharmacies have had the technology among their great allies. Among the tools that have most contributed to this fight, the mobile application "Wikifarmacia", founded by the Spanish entrepreneurs Juan Angulo (former CEO of WarnerBros Spain), Mariano Repollés (former CEO of ASTEX) and Daniel Cuñado (CEO and owner of Grupo Industrial Pihasa). This app has helped to clear up the doubts of pharmacy staff (assistants, technicians, adjuncts, pharmacists ...) throughout Spain about the virus, helping to answer the almost 10,000 questions that have been asked get from this group to the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges.

Created in September 2017, the application has 20,000 invited users, and from the first moment of the health emergency, he made himself available to the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges, to make a series of videos summarizing all the doubts that arose around the Covid-19 and the preventive measures to be adopted.

«We were going to record by the night collaborating pharmacists the videos were published and the users asked us again: there has been about 10,000 questions», Comments one of the three co-founders of the Juan Angulo application.

In this regard, Angulo points out that all doubts were transferred to the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges with whom the scripts of the videos were prepared, in question-answer format, and then edited. «They have even asked us for masks or how to reuse them - which you can't - and other practical tips, ”adds Angulo, who highlights that the six videos produced about the virus had more than 20,000 views.

"We do it for free, we passed the summary questions to the Council, we tried to group them as far as possible: there were quick things to answer and others that were not or not possible," says the co-founder of "Wikifarmacia" who stresses that they are not a social network and that this, in matters such as health, is "a time bomb"

However, behind the baptized as "Pharmaceutical Netflix" - it comes to produce between 150 and 200 videos per year- It has behind not only the three creators of the platform, but also 50 collaborators, including 25 pharmacists, who are joined by production and post-production teams.

«We are veterans in the digital world. We have been working on this project since February 2016 and it is based on an earlier technology that we designed for distribution companies: it stands out for its segmentation and customization capabilities"Angulo pointed out about the ability to communicate with a large and dispersed group in Spain such as pharmacists.

For them, the platform edit and upload explanatory videos with questions and challenges- «We take great care of the user experience of the application», points out the former CEO of WarnerBros Spain - and adds the inclusion of new services or news every six months: real-time information on the notices of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and, soon, a marketplace deformation.

Asked about the future, Angulo has pointed to the possibility of "Extend the model" towards other groups such as veterinarians for sharing common characteristics with pharmacists: numerous and dispersed throughout the geography.


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