The Pevolca reduces the exclusion zone and this Friday they will be able to return to their most evacuated homes

The Directorate of the Pevolca It has been agreed reduce this Friday the exclusion zone that still remains in certain areas affected by the volcanic eruption and that they remain evacuated, considering that they meet safe conditions for the return of their inhabitants.

This decision has been taken at the proposal of the technical director of the Plan and after consulting the Scientific Committee for Evaluation and Monitoring, following the channels established in their meeting last Tuesday.

Thanks to this agreement, From this Friday at 07.00 hours, residents of the north side are allowed to return to their homes of the laundry whose homes are located in the areas between the coastline and the Mountain of La Laguna; the area from the east of the aforementioned mountain to the La Laguna crossing, including the La Aldea road; the houses located on the Baile Bueno road; the houses on the Cruz Chica road; the Los Campitos road; the homes on the Tamanca general highway (LP-2), and the homes on the San Nicolás highway (LP-212).

In addition, some points on the south side are also incorporated and the return of inhabitants of the houses located on the general road of Jedey (LP-2) and up to number 6 of the aforementioned road is authorized, where the new control point will be located . The buildings located on the Cuesta Blanca road, Piteras road and La Dichosa road are included in the relocation.

From the Pevolca it is noticed, once again, that signposted safety zones must be respected around the front of the washes and established after the appropriate risk analysis, and that those buildings that, according to the municipal technical offices, do not meet habitability conditions will not be able to be occupied. ground floor (garages, storage rooms, basements, etc.) without prior gas measurement, which can be requested through Cecopin (628 182 070; 689 188 816; 922 468 396, from 08:00 to 19:00), nor only . In addition, you must first make sure that there are no bulges, deformations or cracks in the walls or ceilings. If so, you have to inform the city council.

It is also advisable to turn off any source of ignition (smoking, turn on the light, etc.) until the building is ventilated, and open doors and windows to ventilate, waiting 15 minutes before entering the interior.

If you notice dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea or lack of strength, you should leave the building quickly and call the emergency number 112, so it is necessary to always have a working telephone.

Before returning to the evacuated areas, it is necessary to obtain information through official sources and follow their instructions, being aware that in no case should the limits established by the authorities be exceeded.

On the other hand, For ash cleaning jobs, protect your skin (shirt, diver, gloves, non-slip footwear, head protection), respiratory tract (FFP2 mask or higher) and eyes (splash goggles), and water lightly to avoid raising dust. In the case of having to clean roofs and roofs, do it only in those that have flat roofs. In risk covers, order it to specialized services. Also avoid going under unstable and ash-laden elements (gutters, awnings, panel overhangs, sheet metal or wood, etc.).

The Pevolca reminds that dependent people may go to the municipal social services.


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