The Peruvian Prosecutor's Office included new Odebrecht documents in the case of Keiko Fujimori

The Peruvian Prosecutor's Office included new Odebrecht documents in the case of Keiko Fujimori

New documents delivered by the Brazilian company Odebrecht to the Prosecutor's Office of Peru were included this Friday in the request for 36 months of preventive detention against opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, for allegedly masking large donations of money for their campaigns.

According to El Comercio newspaper published today, among the new documents sent by Odebrecht to prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, who investigates Fujimori and the Fuerza Popular party for the alleged crime of money laundering, include emails and bank transfers.

With these documents, Odebrecht accredits the truthfulness of the statements made by its former officials in relation to the alleged contributions made to the then Fuerza Force 2011 party, today Fuerza Popular, for the election campaign of the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori.

In one of the emails, sent in an encrypted form via an alternative email on April 27, 2011, the former Odebrecht superintendent in Peru, Jorge Barata, asks Ubiraci Chaves Santos, responsible for preparing the return for the payment of bribes from the company, which transfers $ 518,134.72 to Construmaq, company of Gonzalo Monteverde Busalleu.

"Please, schedule the following transfers (all for 2/5/2011)".

Then in Peru the first electoral round had just ended, in which Ollanta Humala, of the then Gana Peru party, and Keiko Fujimori, of the then Fuerza 2011, who would contest the second round of elections, remained as favorites.

According to Odebrecht representatives, the above-mentioned 500,000 dollars constitute the company's second donation to Fujimori's party, and puts in context the annotation of Brazilian businessman Marcelo Odebrecht, former CEO of the construction company, with the message "increase Keiko to 500 e eu fazer visit. "

That money, according to the Odebrecht company, came from the Department of Structured Operations of the construction company and were transferred to an offshore company that in turn transferred that amount in two remittances to the bank Credicorp Bank Panama in the Republic of Panama, whose beneficiary was Construmaq .

To Monteverde Busalleu, owner of Construmaq, the Prosecutor's Office investigates him for allegedly facilitating the entry of Odebrecht money into Peru for the payment of bribes, an accusation that he has rejected.

The investigation of the money laundering prosecutor's office is directed against the irregular financing of Keiko Fujimori's campaign for the 2011 presidential elections.

Among the allegedly hidden donations would be at least one million dollars from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which the company, protagonist of the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Latin America, told prosecutors that they had handed over the Fujimorista ex-ministers Jaime Yoshiyama and Augusto Bedoya.


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