The Peruvian Judiciary ratifies the judge who sent Keiko Fujimori to prison

The Peruvian Judiciary ratifies the judge who sent Keiko Fujimori to prison

The Board of Directors of the Judicial Branch of Peru ratified Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho, who ordered 36 months of preventive detention for opposition leader Keiko Fujimori last October, official sources reported today.

The decision was announced in a resolution that ordered the unification of the National Criminal Chamber and the Specialized System in Corruption Offenses of Officials, which will be part of the Superior Court of Justice specialized in crimes of Organized Crime and Corruption of Officials.

In this context, Concepción Carhuancho and other magistrates were ratified, since the resolution ordered that the jurisdictional bodies, the judges' positions, and all the personnel under their responsibility maintain the same competences.

In this way, Concepción Carhuancho will remain as a national preparatory investigation judge in charge of the alleged money laundering proceedings against Keiko Fujimori and former president Ollanta Humala, among other outstanding cases.

The judge reached notoriety in 2017 by sending Humala and his wife Nadine Heredia to prison, a measure that was revoked nine months later by the Constitutional Court, and this year took a similar decision against Keiko Fujimori, who is investigated for alleged irregular contributions to his electoral campaign.

Last week, Concepción Carhuancho stated that he is respectful of the criticism he receives for the drastic orders of preventive detention he dictates and remarked that it is based on strictly legal aspects.

"I always respect the criticism, but I think that the opinion of the specialists who have a conflict of interest should be taken in its real dimension," he told the newspaper La República.

In various opinion consultations made in recent days by local media, the judge heads the citizen preferences as "character of the year" along with the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, the person in charge of investigating emblematic cases of alleged corruption, such as Keiko and the former president Alan García.


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