The person arrested for uploading the video of Víctor Sánchez del Amo explains why he did it

The detainee and subsequently released by the video of Víctor Sánchez del Amo explained why he had uploaded it to Twitter: “The video is put in a group of Telegram and Whatsapp, in several places, and unconsciously, it can happen to anyone, one uploads it. I thought it was a montage and in good faith, when I saw something weird, I delete it. I apologize to Mr. Víctor Sánchez del Amo, I wish him no harm. When I see that it is something serious I directly delete it by his own will “

He spoke on Telecinco: “I think it’s a montage and I upload it. In this case, the one who broadcasts the video is me. Whoever shared it is not to blame and I can’t talk about it. ”


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