July 30, 2021

The "permanent and profound" presence of Granada in Lorca | Culture

The "permanent and profound" presence of Granada in Lorca | Culture

Says Laura, her granddaughter niece, that Federico García Lorca had "the need to return when he was out of Granada and to leave when he was inside". That was the artist's relationship with his city, that of a "permanent, profound and complex presence that is throughout his work." And that's the relationship that the exhibition From the center. Federico García Lorca and Granada wants to show from the legacy of the poet that since June already resides in the city.

Actually, Granada despaired of Lorca as much as he loved her. Federico was able to ask himself in History of this rooster: "What to do, my God, to shake Granada from the magic stupor in which she lives?" And also write Melchor Fernández Almagro to say: "I like Granada with delirium but to live in another plan, live in a carmen, and the rest is nonsense. Live close to what one loves and feels. Cal, myrtle and spout. " More than 80 manuscripts, photos and books, along with 24 drawings and paintings, his and friends like Manuel Ángeles Ortiz or Ismael González de la Serna serve to show, in the center that the city has dedicated to the memory of the poet, that Ambivalent relationship between the artist and his city.

The exhibition, the first to be held in the Lorca center with its own material, will be the nucleus of an exhibition that can be seen until November 30 and which, due to conservation needs, will be modified. "The manuscripts will only be exposed for a maximum of three months. From there, they will return to the security chamber where the documents can recover from the aggression that they are exposed to, without the stable conditions of light and temperature they require, "says Laura García Lorca.

"No matter where the poet was, he always talked about his city; He never abandoned her completely, despite the fact that there were two occasions when he gave up returning. The first, when he premiered his work The spell of the butterfly with a considerable failure. His father urged him to return, to which Federico objected, claiming that he had wings and needed to be allowed to fly. The second, with the studios stuck in Madrid, also refused. For the rest, his story with Granada is a memory and necessity, at least mentally, "adds his niece granddaughter.

"The landscape is explicitly in his texts. All the landscape, that of his childhood, his adolescence and his adult age. However, I believe that the field is the most important. That field present in its tragedies, in Bernarda Alba's house, Yerma or Blood Wedding in front of the city, that terrible bourgeois Granada of Doña Rosita the single woman"

The loves of Lorca, before the end of the year

The Hispanist and professor at Boston University, Christopher Maurer, and the jiennense playwright Alberto Conejero are the curators of the next show that can be seen at the Federico García Lorca center in Granada, which is not yet known if it will replace or coexist with the that this Thursday has been presented. Maurer and Conejero are designing a journey through the love and sentimental life of the poet, from his impossible feminine loves to his great masculine passions.


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