The Pérez Galdós begins a 'Second Reading' of the works of universal literature

The Pérez Galdós Theater will promote this season in its programming the new scenic cycle called Second Reading, which will be based on the revision of masterful texts of the theater of universal literature, from a contemporary and innovative vision in its staging that will not only investigate the processes that relaunch the concepts of experimentation and creative exploration, but of exchange and citizen participation and their democratic access to culture.

This new initiative is co-produced by the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Auditorium and Theater Foundation, within the framework of the San Juan Foundational Festivities, and will begin next June with the production and premiere of the show called Tamora, inspired by the Free version of the work that constitutes a complete revenge tragedy, Tito Andrónico, by William Shakespeare, written for the occasion by the Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón, whose stage direction will be carried out by the Gran Canarian theater director Mario Vega.

The bloodiest piece in the Shakespearean repertoire recounts a family tragedy, the story of revenge that is recreated in violence and extreme cruelty. The Roman general who returns victorious after defeating the Goths makes the mistake of sacrificing the son of the captive queen Tamora, unleashing a devastating cycle of vendettas that will end up preying on both of them and their own. The co-production denounces the abominable culture of violence that continues today in so many parts of the world. Shakespeare remains terribly contemporary in shaking consciences with this work, written more than four centuries ago, by referring to violent relationships between human beings.

The acting cast of this first production, selected in a three-day workshop held last January, will be made up of actors and actresses Mingo Ávila, Andrea Zoghbi, Yanara Moreno, Maria Filomena Martignetti and Saray Castro.

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