The people of Barcelona queue to buy and the tourists to leave the city

Queuing in front of some shops where entry is restricted to avoid contagions is the dominant trend this Saturday in Catalonia, while in the center of Barcelona many tourists wait in front of the airport bus, many of them equipped with masks, to return home.

Most of the food shops, tobacconists and pharmacies that, to avoid contagion between employees and customers, have chosen to restrict entry or have even drawn red lines on the ground to ask customers not to get too close to the dependents.

Catalonia has dawned with streets emptier than usual and an unusually quiet center of Barcelona, ​​with the exception of the bus stop that goes to the Barcelona-El Prat airport, where many tourists wait to leave a city that is waiting to learn about the measures of Confinement to be adopted by the Spanish Government and where those announced yesterday by the Generalitat apply.

Although the vast majority of establishments comply with the order of the Catalan government to close bars, restaurants and nightclubs, some 'irreducible' have resisted lowering the blinds, as Efe has found to occur in some bars in Sabadell (Barcelona), where the Urban Guard has ordered them to comply with the rules.

Also in a bar on Meridiana avenue in Barcelona, ​​a sign stated that they were open "only" for home deliveries, but as the residents filled the premises, the Guàrdia Urbana had ordered them to close.

Some of the establishments with the most queues are bakeries, because many are small places where it is difficult to keep your distance.

Many playgrounds are also empty or even sealed, and the roads are less busy than any other weekend.

Some of the strangest scenes are experienced this Saturday in the Barcelona metro, where most of the few users prefer to go standing and keeping their distance.

Irreducible are also some athletes who today run through the streets with less competition from cars and pedestrians, while many cyclists, one more weekend, have assaulted the roads, as has happened on the coasts of Garraf.


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