The pensioners announce more mobilizations for Wednesday and January 15

The pensioners announce more mobilizations for Wednesday and January 15

The retirees and pensioners of Bizkaia today announced new mobilizations for next Wednesday in Bilbao, in defense of the energy bonus, and for next January 15, on the first anniversary of their concentrations on Mondays.

Thousands of retirees and pensioners have concentrated today, one more Monday, before the Bilbao City Council in defense of "decent" pensions of at least 1,080 euros per month and the shielding of the public system.

The retirees and pensioners, who last week announced a "great march" for December 15 in the three Basque capitals and in Pamplona, ​​today have called to concentrate in Bilbao next Wednesday, before the Iberdrola Tower, in defense of the social bond energy, so that the elderly do not have to "warm up with braziers or be in the candlelight for not being able to pay the electricity bill".

After meeting before the Iberdrola Tower, retired people and pensioners will march in demonstration until the Subdelegation of the Government in the Biscayan capital.

In addition, they announced that they intend to convene a "general mobilization" for January 15, 2019, when the first anniversary of the weekly concentrations of retirees and pensioners.

The spokespersons of the pensioners movement of Bizkaia have emphasized to the participants that the "unity" and the will to continue with the mobilizations "is still very much alive", as reflected in the response to their calls.

In Vitoria, more than 200 people have traveled the street Dato to protest against the main banks, which they have pointed out as "responsible for the crisis", and for which they ask for "a special tax" so that pensions can be financed minimum of 1,080 euros.

In San Sebastián and Irún, the usual mobilizations of Gipuzkoa pensioners and retirees have also taken place.


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