The Peninsula in a guide | Culture

The Peninsula in a guide | Culture

A glass of wine in Girona, admire the starry dome of the church of San Pedro de Teruel, experience the neighborhood laboratory of the Madrid district Lavapiés, taste the vegetable delicacies of Navarre and discover a monumental Algarve. These are some of the plans 24 hours in Spain and Portugal, a travel guide to know some of the most outstanding corners and experiences of the Peninsula. The book, which condenses 24 hours of stay in 92 cities, is a compilation of reports made by more than 30 journalists from EL PAÍS for El Viajero.

Paco Nadal, Marta Sanz, Martín Casariego and Helena Poncini have toured large and small cities in search of proposals for the El Viajero section 24 hours in … The guide, which can be obtained at kiosks in the Community of Madrid and in Barcelona and online from the rest of Spain, collects the best reports of the last five years and updates them. Each of them starts with breakfast and finishes beyond dinner.

The guide is divided into large geographic areas in which cities are integrated. After the practical information, which includes the addresses and web pages of the recommended places, there is always a map. The traveler can thus orient himself more comfortably. The reports are also accompanied by 350 images, pills of what awaits in the destination.

Architecture, museums, bars and restaurants, beaches, history … 24 hours in Spain and Portugal It condenses the best of two of the booming tourist destinations. Spanish territory has been in vogue for years and in 2017 it exceeded 80 million visits, while the Portuguese country beat for the first time the strip of 24 million tourists, which represents an improvement of almost 13% over the previous year.

Carlos Pascual takes the traveler to the "paradise of archaeologists", Tarragona; Anna Borrás follows in the footsteps of Wifredo el Velloso, in Ripoll; Javier Martín discovers the secrets of the Portuguese shrine of Fatima; Mallorca, Oporto, La Gomera, Cuenca, Daimiel, Ourense, Elche, Cádiz, Segovia, Jaén … All the Iberian Peninsula in a support guide for those who enjoy traveling.

The price of two4 hours in Spain and Portugal it is 29.90 euros and includes a gift of 50 euros discount and for purchases over 200.


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