August 13, 2020

The penalty that can be dropped by Atlético for the chants of "Griezmann, die"

The RFEF reporter collected in his report the insults to the now Barça player and the case is in the hands of the Competition and Anti-Violence Committee

The RFEF informed that its informant delegate (the figure that they send to each party), collected in its report of Atlético-Barcelona, ​​disputed last weekend, “the chants against Griezmann in the Wanda, as well as the throwing of objects”. "In addition, the arbitration record also reflects the launch of an umbrella on the pitch," insists the Federation. And he concludes: "Both cases have been brought to the attention of the RFEF Competition Committee and in turn they have been transferred to the Anti-Violence Committee." These two organizations are responsible for imposing the alleged penalty on Atlético, which can go from an economic fine to the partial closing of the stadium for one more games, from the area from the "Griezmann, die"

The rojiblanco club was already fined last October, after Antiviolencia proposed, in a harsh statement, "a very serious penalty of 75,000 euros for repeated disobedience committed in the matter of security during the celebration of sport spectacles ”. The Commission insisted that it had been warned ”on numerous occasions of activities contrary to the Sports Law that the Athletic Front group continues to develop” and spoke of “lack of collaboration” of the club “with the State Security Forces and Corps to the prevention of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport. ”Atlético's response was to show its“ surprise and outrage ”in the statement and defended itself by ensuring that they collaborate“ closely and permanently with the Forces and Bodies of State Security ”and highlighting the“ absence of incidents ”in the Metropolitan parties.

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