October 22, 2020

The pedophile of Madrid made me see the brutal dimension of evil

The pedophile of Madrid made me see the brutal dimension of evil

"I've been doing events for thirty-one years, I know the evil that a human being can do, but this has given me another dimension of that evil in one of its most brutal expressions." This is recognized by the journalist Manuel Marlasca, author of the book "Cazaré al monstruo por ti" about the pedophile of Ciudad Lineal.

The book (Editorial Alrevés) goes into operation Candy, which led to the arrest of Antonio Ortiz, sentenced to 70 and a half years in prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting four girls between 5 and 9 years old in Madrid between the end of 2013 and the summer of 2014. He was considered "public enemy number one".

"To the real Lua, Paula, Xía and Daisy, with the desire to forget quickly what they should never have lived, and to the hunters of monsters who wear blue uniforms, especially to all those who participated in the operation Candy", he prays The dedication.

It is a book "full of moments, some terrible", which collects "the value of the victims, the commitment of the police and the size of a gigantic hunt," explains Marlasca Efe, who has written to access the documents of the process, has seen the videos with the judicial declarations of the girls and has interviewed numerous agents of that operation.

"We all have scars," he acknowledges when recalling moments in this case, such as the injuries suffered by the children, mainly the so-called Xía (all names are fictitious), which the monster "destroyed", despite the which undoubtedly indicated to him in a recognition wheel. The judge held her in that crucial moment.

The journalist tells how the agents were clear from the first publicly known victim, in April 2014, that he was a serial aggressor, realizing that he had to be the same one who had attacked another girl in September 2013.

"The SAM (Family Service Department) knew that there would be more cases, because it started to make good and the children would go out, but they treated it with a lot of discretion because the last thing a Chief of Police or a responsible person wants to hear political is that there is loose a sexual aggressor in series, "he explains.

And he emphasizes that, as a police commander told him, "unfortunately in these cases they are resolved by accumulation: the more crimes committed, the easier it is for the police to find him because he can make mistakes", something "terrible" but real.

"There was a time when they all conspired and said 'look, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but we will find it because we need it, the victims and society'", explained several of the protagonists of a hunt in which "in the end instinct was what he told".

It also describes delicate moments, such as when the then General Director of the Police, Ignacio Cosidó, threatened to relieve the operatives of the operation Candy and the head of it, the commissioner José Luis Conde, literally put his head on the table of Cosidó and told him that they had to continue and that, if not, "I could cut off his head".


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