Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The PDECat joins without protest his European list to Puigdemont

El PDECat ensambla sin protestas su lista europea a la de Puigdemont

The address of PDECat piloted by David Bonvehí it does not stand out from the Puigdemont line and this Wednesday he ratified through his national consell a list for European elections that the candidacy of JxCat already advanced this past Monday, fixing the first five names of the candidacy outside the internal selection process that the PDECat announced in early April.

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The 76.84% of the 95 national councilors who voted gave their endorsement to the candidacy led by the former president of the Generalitat and that has the former conformer for ERC Toni Comín, the independent exconsellera Clara Ponsatí, the consultant and member of the PDECat and the ANC Erika Casajoana and the former vice president of the Basque Parliament disqualified for disobedience in 2008, Gorka Knörr. Behind these top five positions will incorporate match names as David Coromina. "It is a very thoughtful candidacy and seeks to be transversal in the face of the exceptional situation that Catalonia is experiencing," said PDECat president, David Bonvehí.

Puigdemont keeps trying to seduce ERC from Waterloo

In fact, Bonvehí wanted to point out that the easy thing was to make a list exclusively with militants, but that the party has made an effort to "listen to what society asks".

In addition, and apart from the eminent leading role of those related to Puigdemont in the list, Bonvehí claimed the structural importance of his party: "All these electoral formulas would not be possible without the PDECat, which occupies the centrality of the country and incorporates many nuances" .

In this sense, David Bonvehí asked to erase doubts about the PDECat and defended that the formation is "very alive, it is necessary and has a future".

The formula JxCat is presented this time alone to the European elections after parking the alliance with the PNV, which reduces their chances of reaping representation, given that the distribution of Spanish seats in the European Parliament is granted under a single state constituency. "We have not broken anything, it is a sister party, but we agree that in the context that Catalonia is living we should promote a candidacy in Catalan and pro-independence key".

Meanwhile, from Waterloo Puigdemont is still trying to seduce ERC and on Wednesday he insisted that the candidacy is not yet closed and that "it would be an honor" that Oriol Junqueras was the head of the list. Mermaid chants that the Republicans, at the moment, disregard.

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