The PDeCAT in Congress refuses to demand that Sánchez influence the Fiscala – La Provincia

The PDeCAT in Congress refuses to demand that Sánchez influence the Fiscala - La Provincia

The spokesperson of thePDeCATin the Congress of Deputies,Carles Campuzano, has indicated, this Monday, that you can not"require" the Government to influence the Office of the Prosecutorin the judicial process against the independence leaders, as a condition to approve the General State Budgets (PGE) of 2019.

"You should not put a condition of this type", Campuzano assured in an interview with Cadena SER, collected by Europa Press, when asked about the conditions that Catalan parties put to approve government accounts.

However, the exconvergent deputy has pointed out that it is necessary to understand that in "situations of injustice" it is "difficult" to engage in a normal political debate. "Without this situation we would be able to enter into a thorough negotiation," he said.

Anyway, the spokesman of the PDeCAT has stressed that the position of the lawyer of the State, like that of the Attorney General of the State, could be coincident with the approach that, said, have had "many" Spanish Criminal Law professors . So he reiterated that experts in law have said that what happened in September and October last year "does not deserve criminal reproach."

On the negotiation of the Budgets after the agreement reached between the Government and Podemos, Campuzano has indicated thatHe still does not know the project and the Executive has not contacted his training.

"Today, the Government has not hadNo interest in telling us your proposal"the spokesman has emphasized, although in that agreement he sees" things that we share and can be interesting ".

With respect, to the internal tensions in the PDeCAT and toa possible split of the parliamentary group in Madrid, Campuzano has rejected it outright assuring that it would be a "ridiculous" situation.

"We are eight people in the parliamentary group, it would be ridiculous if we were divided, sometimes we disagree, but it is normal, it is part of the political life in democracy," he said.


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