Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

The PDECat guarantees the continuity of the legislature to Sánchez if it tackles the Catalan problem

El PDECat garantiza la continuidad de la legislatura a Sánchez si aborda el problema catalán

"The PDECat does not feel pressured by the possibility that Pedro Sánchez call elections, "stressed the party president, David Bonvehí, in reference to the option of the Spanish Prime Minister's convocation of general elections on April 14. The party leader, however, has not given credit to the possibility, which has placed the independence movement as a measure of pressure.

"The Spanish Government and the PSOE know that if they want to have continuity they have to address the Catalan problem, because if this is the case, the sovereign parties would guarantee the possibility of exhausting the legislature," he remarked after the meeting of the PDECat national committee that analyzed the political situation after the breakdown of the negotiation between the Catalan and Spanish governments. "It is up to him to call elections, but it is obvious that at the moment it is a weak government and that it only has a journey if it deals with the situation in Catalonia," he said. "Our party is ready for any election, although it is obvious that we are now focused on municipal and European elections."

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It is up to him to call elections, but it is obvious that currently it is a weak government and that it only has a journey if it addresses the situation in Catalonia. "

In this line, he pointed out that "if the PSOE really wants the budgets and changes its mind, we are still on time until Wednesday". "We will not get up from the negotiating table and dialogue," he said, and recalled the conditions set by the independence movement to facilitate the processing of the accounts: to address an effective dialogue that envisages talking about the right of self-determination and the end of repression and to agree on the figure of the rapporteur who gives an account of what has been discussed.

Bonvehí, in this context, has valued the celebration of the demonstration of the right and the extreme right yesterday in Madrid and has highlighted above all that has served to demonstrate that those who do not want dialogue are very inferior to those who do want .

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