Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

The PDECat demands "a dialogue without limits" to withdraw its amendment to the accounts

El PDECat reclama “un diálogo sin límites” para retirar su enmienda a las cuentas

Last December 20 Pedro Sánchez Y Quim Torra They met in Barcelona and began a negotiation process to open a dialogue process on the Catalan crisis. The talks advanced last week and were coming to fruition, but on Friday Carmen Calvo He gave them up as broken. The vice president stressed that the right to self-determination is not subject to negotiation because it is outside the Constitution.

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That rupture has had important political consequences. ERC and PDECat have submitted amendments to the entire budget. If they prosper in the vote that will take place tomorrow, the Congress will return the budgets to the Government and the possibility that Sanchez ahead of the elections will charge many integers.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has pressed throughout the debate today in the plenary session of the Congress the independence forces to change their opinion and allow the processing of the budget with the argument that they are good economically for Catalonia. But ERC and PDECat have insisted on negotiating the right to self-determination to give a twist.

"They have time to rectify, we ask them to return to Thursday and let's talk about everything so that this is very easy," said the PDECat deputy. Ferran Bel during his speech in the plenary. Bel insisted that if the government consents to a "dialogue without limits" on the Catalan question, his party will withdraw the amendment to the totality.

There is time until tomorrow around noon, the time scheduled for the vote. But at this time of the night of Tuesday, nor the Government seems to have disposition to retake that dialogue with the Generalitat nor the independentistas parties, to retire its amendments so uncomfortable for the Executive of Sanchez.

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