April 18, 2021

The Patriots conquer the 53rd Super Bowl and Tom Brady enters the history of the NFL – The Province

The Patriots conquer the 53rd Super Bowl and Tom Brady enters the history of the NFL - The Province

Tom Brady ewas part of the history of the NFL after the conquest on Sunday of its sixth champion ring thanks to the victory in the 53rd edition of the New England Patriots Super Bowl 13-3 against Los Angeles Rams after a match marked by defenses and decided by a moment of lucidity of the stellar quarterback in the last and final quarter.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta witnessed a new success of the couple Bill Belichik-Tom Brady. In the worst-scored Super Bowl in history, worsening the 21 total points of 1973 between the Dolphins and the Redskins (14-7) and the only touchdown after almost an hour of play, the Californian, 41 and without a hint of withdrawal, he was established as surely the best player in the NFL, even though he did not sign a spectacular match.

And it is that neither Brady nor the young Jared Goff, who at times seemed to weigh the stage, showed their best level, but the veteran quarterback of the Patriots was always something more comfortable and finding at the key moment his best 'friends' of almost always like Julian Edelman, 'MVP'after his 10 receptions and 141 yards, and Rob Gronkowski, although the final score was for the' rookie 'Sony Michel.

The 'quarterback' of the Rams, however, did not take the tone to the game almost never and only after the break seemed to wake up, moment in which came an inopportune interception that ended with a Sean McVay, who could not become the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, also surpassed by a Bill Belichik who controlled very well the rival attack, diminished by the loose match of Todd Gurley II, possibly far from his best physical level.

The two teams promised a Exciting Super Bowl and High Offensive Level, but, nevertheless, the respective defenses were in charge of which it was not already from the first 'drive' and the only celebration, apart from tackles, the pass intercepted to Brady or the 'sack' on this, was the 'field goal by Stephen Gostkowski, who hadpreviously one in the first room, to put the 3-0 in the second, result with which came to rest.

Neither Brady nor Goff found the key, not even to glimpse a 'touchdown' option. The Patriots were more loose in attack and their best weapon was the connection between their quarterback and Edelman, but the Rams always minimized that damage. The best news for McVay was that the huge difference in added yards had not translated into greater damage on the scoreboard before returning to the locker room with the lowest score in this game from 2-0 in favor of the Steelers against the Vikings. in 1975.

Nothing changed after the break and the 'show' of Maroon 5. Brady and Edelman were still understanding, but always far from the 'end zone' of Rams, where Gurley tried to take more prominence. In addition, the gradual improvement of Goff allowed them to tie thanks to a 'field goal' by Zuerlein after a possession in which Jason McCourty avoided Brandin Cooks' touchdown.

With a draw and without 'touchdowns', for the first time in history, after three quarters, they entered in the last 15 minutes. Los Angeles did not hit on their first possession because of an inopportune penalty and Brady's next drive led them away from Vince Lombardi. The '12' connected with Gronkowski and Edelman, and a third pass on the tight end finally left them skimming the 'end zone'. Sony Michel did not forgive and the Patriots went 10-3 with seven minutes remaining.

There was time and the pressure did not seem to affect Goff then. The young 'quarterback' designed a good attack, brushed back the 'TD', but in a new attempt ran into the interception of Gilmore. New England, supported by Michel and Burkhead, managed to win the necessary yards and sentenced with another 'FG' from Gostkowski to reach the Steelers in the palmares, although their six rings have been in the last 17 years, shows to be possibly the great American football dynasty.


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