April 22, 2021

The Patriots achieve their sixth Super Bowl

The Patriots achieve their sixth Super Bowl

The New England Patriots proclaimed themselves champions of the 53rd Super Bowl by defeating the Los Angeles Rams 3-13 in the game that took place tonight at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with an attendance of 77,000 spectators.

The rookie runner Sony Michel, with 7:00 minutes left by the end of regulation time, made the only touchdown of the game with a two-yard lead and kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who had already scored the first field goal of the Patriots, made the extra point good.

Gostkowski also made the 41-yard field goal that sealed the game with one minute and 16 seconds remaining.

The title was the sixth that the Patriots have won in the 11 Super Bowls they have played, including nine in the last 17 years, all under the direction of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, which allows them to draw with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the best in the history of the NFL.

The first Super Bowl title the Patriots got was in 2002 and they did it after beating the Rams 20-17, who were then based in San Luis.

Since that triumph the first that the Patriots managed under the direction of quarterback Tom Brady, 41, and Bill Belichic, the New England team has enlarged the legend as the best team in history.

Brady, with six Super Bowl titles, is the first to make it in the history of the NFL to overcome the legendary Charles Haley and the only one who also does with 41 years.

The veteran quarterback finished the game with 21 passes completed from 35 for 26 yards, without scoring and an interception.

While veteran wide receiver Julian Edelman became the MVP of the game by capturing 10 passes from Brady and advancing 141 yards, being a key man in the Patriots' offense.

Belichick, who mounted an exceptional defensive strategy, also joined George Halas and Curly Lambeau as the only coaches in history to win six NFL championships.

While the Patriots got the 37th win in the history of the playoffs and surpassed the 36 that had the Steelers as the best team in the NFL.

The big losers were the debutants, Rams quarterback Jaren Goff, 24, as well as Los Angeles team head coach Sean McVay, 33, the first in NFL history. who managed to take a team to the Super Bowl.

Goff finished the game with 19 passes completed from 38 for 229 yards, without scoring and an interception.

The first part ended with the partial advantage of 0-3 for the New England Patriots, who played as a visiting team, against the Rams.

The only three points scored with kicker Gostkowski who made a 42-yard field goal with 10:29 left in the second quarter.

Although the Patriots penetrated the interior territory of the Rams six times they could only get three points.

The Patriots had the same problems of completing the advances that the New Orleans Saints found in the National Conference Championship game, which the Rams ultimately won in overtime 23-26 after trailing a 13-0 deficit with the one that finished the first part.

But New England, as they did two weeks ago with the Kansas City Chiefs in the American Conference (AFC) final that they won in overtime by 31-37, did not allow the NFL's best offense to score them, as it happened with the Rams.

First time the Rams under the direction of McVay failed to score in a first part of a game.

The Rams became the thirteenth team with no points in the first part of a Super Bowl and like the previous 12 they also lost the title. The Denver Broncos were the last to lose XLVIII, in 2013, against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Rams' offense failed to find a rhythm and produced 57 yards in total in the first half, with Goff out of sync with his game creators and knocked down twice.

The Rams went 0-for-6 on the third attempt in the first half. They are the sixth team that has no third chance conversions in a Super Bowl. The previous five teams all lost.

However, the Rams defense played an excellent first half. Lineman Cory Littleton intercepted Brady in the first series, then defensive John Franklin-Myers blocked him and Aaron Donald gave a monstrous blow to the five-time Super Bowl champion. Efe


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