Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The 'pasture' that RTVE has spent on the staging of 'La Venda' by Miki

El ‘pastizal’ que RTVE se ha gastado en la puesta en escena de ‘La Venda’ de Miki

RTVE is putting all the meat in the spit to leave Spain in a good position in Eurovision 2019. After the bump of Amaia and Alfred last year with a scenography of the most austere (only play of lights), now the public chain goes for all. The star signing of the two-time Greek champion Evangeline Fokas as artistic director he intends to bring
The band
of Miki to the first position in the classification. For this they have invested a good amount of money in said participation.

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The Ministry of Finance has made public the expenditure of the staging of Spain for the final of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv and this would entail a cost amount.

Miki, representative of Spain in Eurovision 2019

Miki, representative of Spain in Eurovision 2019
(Europa Press / EP)

After the departure of Gestmusic as the organizer of the Spanish candidature of the Festival, the Corporation becomes the only one responsible for the participation of Spain in Eurovision. Recall that last year the producer opted for a more sober scenography than in previous years, which generated a multitude of criticisms. Finally, your song finished in position 23 of 26 and with it, Tinet Rubira made it clear that "up to here my participation and personal and professional involvement with Eurovision. There will not be again. Thanks to all and luck!"

Since then, RTVE has been responsible for the candidature and hiring one of the best artistic directors in the world. The Greek Fokas Evangelinos that in his palmares highlight his two victories (the victory for Russia in 2008 with Dima Bilan and Greece in 2005 with Helena Paparizou) and its 10 Top Ten. In fact his worst position was seventh place in 2014 accompanying the Russian Tolmachevy Twins with his Shine and the same one of 2009 with the Greek candidacy of Sakis Rouvas interpreting This is our night.

Evangeline Fokas.

Evangeline Fokas.

With the signing of Evangeline, whose ideas and proposals in the scenography will lead to public television to spend 40,300 euros -So the Ministry of Finance has published it through the hiring platform-, RTVE wants to take Spain back to the top positions of the eurovisive ranking. And if it's possible that Miki and The band ascend to the top of the Eurovision Olympus.

To this other expenses of the candidacy will have to be added: transport, hotels, diets, clothing, guests, etc. At the moment, the Israeli television Kan has already received the Spanish proposal for the staging, and the invested amount is considerable.

Miki prepares the staging of 'The Band' for Eurovision 2019

Miki prepares the staging of 'The Band' for Eurovision 2019

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