Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

"The past is not punished, putting the future at risk"

"The past is not punished, putting the future at risk"

The popular leader and number two in the candidacy for the Mayor of Madrid, Andrea Levy, has made this Sunday a call to those who "may still doubt" of whether to return to vote for the PP to "tell them that the past is not punished by endangering our future".

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The candidate has expressed this way in an act with electoral agents of the PP of Madrid the day after it confirmed its position number two in the municipal candidacy, which adds to its position number 6 in the list to the Congress of Deputies

Levy, Catalan by birth, has underlined his "affection and friendship" to all members of the PP in Madrid and especially to the electoral agents, to whom he thanked that in difficult times they also offered and went to Catalonia to act as proxies of the PP at the polling stations.

"Madrid is so mine, and so I feel, as you must feel Barcelona as your", he assured before pointing out that the city can not afford four more years of Manuela Carmena in the Mayor, as Spain can not afford four years of Pedro Sánchez in the Presidency of the Government.

"Carmena's populism is as ballast for Madrid as the independence movement for Barcelona," he underlined after lamenting that the "municipalities of change have not been able to match the cities they have governed."

Thus, he explained that Carmena has forgotten "the essence of Madrid, the four months" that Madrid should be: a city of coexistence, cosmopolitan and at the height of the capital of Spain.

On the other hand, Carmena's only project for Madrid "has been to prohibit, fine, lie and make it dirtier", in addition, "they have not done anything, no cleaning, no security, no social services", he concluded.


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