"The past has no remedy, but we feel its suffering and we are committed to mitigating it"

"The past has no remedy, but we feel its suffering and we are committed to mitigating it"

In a state of the nation debate that began Tuesday with the leading role that the PP wanted to give to ETA Four years after his disappearance, EH Bildu took advantage of his speech in the plenary session of Congress on Wednesday to, once again, send a message to the victims of the terrorist group. “We want to convey our regret and pain for the suffering suffered. We feel their pain, and from that sincere feeling we affirm that it should never have happened, that no one can satisfy that all that happened, or that it had lasted so long in time, ”said the spokeswoman for the independence group, Mertxe Aizpurua.

Sánchez rearms with a tax justice plan that reconciles him with his partners and corners the PP in his nostalgia for ETA

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"Unfortunately, the past has no remedy, we know that nothing we say can undo the damage caused, but we are convinced that it is possible to at least alleviate it from the respect, consideration and memory of all the victims", he added. “We want to tell you from the bottom of our hearts that we are deeply sorry for your suffering and we are committed to trying to mitigate it to the best of our ability. They will always find us willing to do so and we believe it would be a good contribution if we all were, each contributing their own statement to this process”, he continued.

Aizpurua has stated that she is aware that “for some it will never be enough” what EH Bildu says about the victims. “But we are also aware that Basque men and women have come a long, long way in building that shared future. That the victims of different signs are making an enormous effort showing us that yes, it is possible to listen to each other, empathize and, from respect, move forward. Because memory, the victims and their pain cannot be a political weapon against the adversary as has happened in this chamber. They'll never find us there. Truth, justice and reparation for all victims is and will be the best guarantee that this will not happen again. That is our commitment and that is why we will continue working”, she concluded.

As for the central content of the debate, marked by the announcements made by Sánchez in his speech on Tuesday, Aizpurua acknowledged that the chief executive "has tried to impress a new turn to the left with the announcement of his measures". “Today we could think that we have here the Sánchez of the left. Well, I hope so, because we will be glad. But as almost always with this government, everything stops halfway, everything is temporary and not structural, they are patches for a specific moment without root changes”, he lamented.

“We are facing a big scam”

The EH Bildu spokeswoman has also assured that "several measures" of those proposed by Sánchez are those that left-wing partners of the Government have been demanding for some time, such as a tax on banks and electricity companies. “Is it positive that these decisions are going to be made? Of course. It's enough? Obviously not”, she has considered. She recalled that the 20-cent discount was applied to fuel "and the oil companies and, by manipulating prices, not only did they eat the discount, but they have earned more than ever in history." Or that "the VAT on electricity was reduced and an attempt was made to put a stop to the profits of the electric companies and, these have once again had record billionaire profits and have distributed the spoils among their own through dividends."

"We are facing a big scam that they don't even bother to hide," he lamented. “Because nobody acts against them in a decisive way and nobody controls them. And they know it”, Aizpurua told the members of the Government, whom he has reproached for not having said “anything about how they will control that, as they have been doing with each approved measure, these tax surcharges do not end up affecting the consumer”. "We would like to know the mechanisms that you have in place so that this does not happen," he insisted, before asking Sánchez to "announce the public intervention of prices to put limits on electricity and fuel", as well as "permanent extraordinary taxes on their profits” and recover “the public management of all the privatized generation plants”

Aizpurua has denounced that "the scam of the electric companies is assuming the generalized impoverishment of the popular layers". “And we wonder when the time will come to end the long time in which these great economic powers always win while the citizenry always loses. If it will be this time, this time yes, when the crisis is paid by the rich and the big companies and not by the workers. It would be a good start in the shift to the left that numerous groups are demanding of it”, he pointed out.

EH Bildu, he said, is "deadly" opposed to a salary freeze because "inflation is not caused by salary increases" but "by the exorbitant increase in profits of large companies, especially electricity and oil companies." “Because let's not fool ourselves, the income pact will only mean the impoverishment and loss of purchasing power of the workers while the increase in business profits is shielded. This is not the way out. That is why we propose, and we will constantly do so, that the Government take labor measures for an increase in wages in accordance with the CPI as well as a revaluation of the Interprofessional Minimum Wage in the same terms”, he settled.

“As I have told you, we welcome the measures you have announced, but we expect more, starting with an ambitious, progressive and fair tax reform. Because we have had to go through a pandemic, be in the middle of a war in Europe with skyrocketing inflation for me to make these half decisions. We would not want to have to wait for another catastrophe to be able to make bolder and more structural decisions. And, you know, far-reaching decisions will be necessary”, he concluded.

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