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the passion of three friends that became a brand of natural cosmetics

the passion of three friends that became a brand of natural cosmetics

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Friends of all life, Extremadura Gema Correa, Blanca Bravo and Mamén González were left to breakfast on a December day five years ago, and tired of the economic crisis, coupled with their love of natural cosmetics, was born a project: Natural Lycopene Cosmetics, renamed as «Lycolé». "We wanted to put together the three together around this area that we like so much at three o'clock, we are very different but we understand each other", comment the co-founders of thispioneer brandin the application to this field the Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant and natural regenerator extracted directly from tomatoes. A natural pigment that brings its characteristic color to this plant.

In this sense, Gema Correa was a journalist, Blanca Bravo ran an advisory with her brother while Mamén González did an international secretariat and worked in a company carrying accounts and the relationship with clients. «Lycolé» debuted in the market in December 2013, with a serum for men and women, as well as a cosmetic soap. «We started with a corporation this dream and have researched surrounded by the best professionals. We have never allowed ourselves to lose the illusion ", they have pointed out in reference to the always complicated beginnings until the entry of their current partner« Conesa Group ».

«Lycolé» has expanded its range of products, with eight new references: facial and body creams, shampoo, antioxidant mask, eye and lip contour, as well as lip and facial balms. «We have our own laboratory in Badajoz, as well as 11 references in the market and little by little we are entering different countries », say these entrepreneurs who define the moment the firm lives as "full expansion". In this sense, they recalled that they began "in full crisis" and that they are already reaping the fruits of their work. In particular, although they prefer not to give a figure, if they have assured that «Sales have started to grow for a few months».

Creams, shampoo, lip balms and facial, the range of products is growing
Creams, shampoo, lip balms and facial, the range of products is growing - LYCOLÉ

The partnership with Conesa Group

One of the most decisive moments in the short life of «Lycolé» came in 2017. After three years of reinvesting everything gained in developing his new company - "a dream come true", they have assured - they received an injection of half a million euros from their new partners, the main European tomato processing and processing company «Conesa Group». A firm also from Extremadura with which they have launched themselves into international markets: "We are very lucky", have assured the three co-founders of "Lycolé" who recognize the difficulties of undertaking in Extremadura due to the lack of infrastructure, among other factors.

Precisely in the hands of «Conesa Group», Gema, Blanca and Mamén, have already in their sights China where the tomato manufacturer already has a plant, «and the prestige of a good image», the three women entrepreneurs have pointed out.

The cosmetics brand has its own laboratory in Badajoz
The cosmetics brand has its own laboratory in Badajoz - LYCOLÉ


In order to "make everyone beautiful", the "Lycolé" brand is already marketed in Spain in The English Court and in some parapharmacies Carrefour, among other establishments. In this line, he highlighted that "the boom in natural cosmetics is a reality in Europe: people are increasingly concerned about what they put on their skin, "said Gema, Blanca and Mamen who say they seek to differentiate themselves by quality In addition to being submerged in full internationalization, selling their products to countries such as Germany, Chile where they have already signed a contract with a local distributor, waiting to complement the latest bureaucratic procedures, Dubai and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Similarly, they have resumed negotiations in Brazil after "the political break" for the elections, as well as closing the last fringes to enter the Chilean market, and hope to start selling soon in neighboring Portugal.

In line with the above, the three women entrepreneurs have mentioned the strong controls to which an activity such as theirs is subject, especially in Spain for the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS). Asked about the possible differences between markets as diverse as the German or the Chilean, these entrepreneurs have coincided in pointing out that «The boys also take care of themselves». For example, in the case of Germany, they have emphasized that it is valued more that they are natural products than their price, while Chilean men "are less flirtatious than what the Germans usually are." In any case, they have glossed in general the potentiality of all Ibero-America.


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