Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

The passion of Paul Anka

Big night of popular music in the most literal sense of the term. Music that from a good beginning or that with the passage of time has become a part of popular culture. And in this chronological and conceptual area, the name of Paul Anka It has an indisputable specific weight, arguably hard to beat. Author of classics for other interpreters and also author and interpreter of other classics immortalized by him, Anka is that kind of artist who seems to have always existed. It was not by chance that he began to call the attention as an author with only 15 years old, with 17 he was already a star with
and now, with 77, he continues in full and effervescent activity.

Last night he appeared before a faithful audience, mostly veteran. And what the public experienced and enjoyed in the castle auditorium Peralada One supposes that it was very worthwhile. Because the protagonist and the show he offered were impeccable for the one who was looking for the encounter with the idol.


The 'crooner' reviewed his career, the 'hits' of Sinatra and the favorites of other singers

It was like a trip through the life of Paul Anka to a large extent, starting with a big picture of him next to Frank Sinatra at the back of the stage before his musicians and himself appeared. With a few minutes of delay, the dozen musicians that made up the big band of this tour were accommodated. And before live music was played, a prolific video was shown explaining the initial milestones of Anka's career, with evocative and curious images and filming of the time. In case there was any doubt about who was the protagonist of the night.

Just then the big band started playing the first bars of the eternal You're my destiny and instead of the stage, Anka appeared at the back of the audience (as in Pedralbes five years ago), to start from a good start with the sought after mass bath.

Unlike what his follower or the curious could live when he performed five years ago at the Festival Jardins de Pedralbes, this time the crooner of Canadian origin and nationalized American brought some news, especially in the powerful band that wrapped around the hour and almost three quarters that was on stage, and also with a slightly modified repertoire in content and also in arrangements.

New arrangements

His usual songs come reinforced with new arrangements of metal and rhythm

Anka is a workalcoholic of those who make time, and in his case that translates into always his creativity is boiling, which always seeks in one way or another perfectionism from their point of view and, in addition, always wants to be in a way or another according to current times.

And although the heading of the tour that has brought him to the Peralada festival, Anka sings Sinatra: his songs, my songs, my way!, the singer wanted to reflect throughout the concert last night that has no intention to be simply a glory -extraordinary, yes- of the past. His repertoire in reference to his songs, for example, presents a nuanced face changed thanks to new arrangements, while in the section of the songs played by contemporary musicians and stars he returned to demonstrate his preferences, such as Purple rain (full metal version) and a tribute to Buddy Holly, acoustic guitar at the ready.


He offered a muscular version of Prince's 'purple rain' to rampant metal

Evidently, where he won the greatest popular fervor was when he faced those immortal pieces that Frank Sinatra popularized in his day, where he highlighted the fidelity with which both he and the very professional members of the big band interpreted them. Inevitably, when he attacked Strangers in the night ("The song that I like most about Sinatra," he confessed before giving it life) or My way, more than one the tears came to her and many and many felt moved to other places and to other times, which is what one deduces that not a few wanted to feel when coming to the concert: sensations, memories, enjoy, have fun …

And there were also moments of the night when the Peralada stage moved to Las Vegas, given the atmosphere and the show that wrapped those stages. Something similar in this look at the past occurred when he recovered some cut immortalized by Sammy Davis jr. –I'm not anyone– although in general the intention of the night was to avoid deja vu, as for example demonstrated by offering a very good version of She's a lady, immortalized by Tom Jones, or some theme from his upcoming duet album.

It was an evening of hyperactivity, of empathy, of interaction with the public, of not being still, in a word. Praising Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​the people, the stage of Peralada … something very commendable and worthy of mention at this point of the biological calendar. Night of a lot of music, of chronological jumps from the past to the present and vice versa. In short, to see someone who with all the reason in the world can say (as he said) that music is his passion.

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